Food is obviously very appealing for all sorts of reasons, and nothing beats the taste of something delicious passing your lips that you have just acquired from the farmer’s market. So it’s little wonder that new research reveals people consider the food they can enjoy as the main factor when it comes to booking a staycation destination.

A table full of local produce available near our glamping UK abodes

Expedia’s latest study claims that people aren’t heading overseas to exotic lands for splendid foodie-style breaks as it’s just not needed. Now, people are able to stay in the UK, on a glamping Glastonbury break, for example, and still enjoy exciting culinary treats.

Britain is now a place that can provide staycationers with an abundance of superb foodie trips, mainly due to the fact that local produce, farmer’s markets, and restaurants have stepped up their game, so to speak, therefore opening the door to better trips as a result.

The research shows a third of people going on holiday said they return to the same holiday destination simply because of the food.

If you didn’t already know, Britain gives visitors from abroad as well as staycationers an abundance of foodie pleasures, catering for all tastes, from lovers of meat and local seafood, which can all be sourced in and around the areas near our glamping abodes.

Why not take a look into a staycation getaway with us here at Quality Unearthed and enjoy not only great food, but a relaxing time away too?

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