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food life-hacks for the happy, healthy glamper

The first thing we should mention is that these handy food life-hacks aren’t just for the glamping community, but they will come in useful when you’re out staying in glamping wagons and other such luxury camping abodes. So without further ado, check out our culinary cheats to make your life easier, leaving you more time to concentrate on other fun things!

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Freeze fruit for perfectly chilled drinks

We all know ice melts, so let’s get around the unavoidable laws of chemistry and use them to our advantage, shall we? Prevent watered down drinks by exchanging ice cubes in your drink with some frozen berries of your choice. Grapes are ideal for wine – can’t think why that would be? Other favourites here at Quality Unearthed are raspberries, strawberries, and of course the amazing blueberry!


Extra herb life

It’s a great thing that people today are more aware of the ease and benefits of fresh home-cooked food, much of which is made complete with the addition of herbs. But if you’ve gotten your hands on some fresh local herbs, or you have some in their plastic packets, you can stop them turning black and soggy in the small window of longevity they have once picked. If you’re away and you want your herbs to last a little longer, you can get around this by simply standing them up in a glass of water, as if they were some flowers. It’s that easy!


Prevent your avocado browning

This is a life-hack with two levels you can go to. Option one, if you squeeze lemon or lime juice over a freshly cut side of avocado you are going to preserve its green appearance for longer. Option two, if you slice up a lemon and then lay the slices over the cut side of the avocado, then wrap it up, you’re set for a fresh avocado after a prolonged period of time.


Prevent those onion-induced tears

An age-old annoyance we’ve all experienced is being brought to tears by an onion when chopping it. Avoid this without using ridiculous equipment like lab goggles etc. by simply giving your onions a brief bit of time to chill out in the fridge before you set about chopping into it. By doing this the cold temperature assists in preventing the chemical reaction that set off the fumes which lead to us bawling our eyes out!


Peel your garlic with ease, in under a minute!

While garlic is such a versatile addition to food, the whole peeling thing can be a bit tedious if done by hand. Some people say to squeeze it with the flat side of a knife on a worktop but that’s only going to squeeze all of the juice out, which you don’t want! Here’s the trick. All you have to do is place your garlic into a Tupperware tub or Chinese takeaway container, close the lid, and shake! Do this for about 45 seconds and with any luck your garlic is peeled and ready to go.

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