Devon is a fantastic place for foodies to experience their favourites, but also try something new. Here we have picked some excellent places to immerse yourself in some of the delicious local food and best food culture.


Quicke’s Cheese, Newton St Cyres, Exeter

Quicke’s dairy farm has a very historical background beginning with Henry the Eighth.

After Henry the Eighth fell out with the Catholic church and relocated, he was the owner of new land in Devon, which he sold to Thomas Bidewell. Richard Quicke was a distant relative of the Quicke’s, and he ended up marrying the owner of the lot’s daughter, Elizabeth Bidewell. The land was soon called home between them, and they worked together to create a wonderful farm.

The family of generations below got into cheese making, which has now created this cherished tradition to this day.


Quicke’s are renowned for their traditional recipes and prized techniques passed down through the generations, to create the perfect clothbound cheddar cheese. This has been so for over 500 years.

As the dream location for cheese lovers, there is plenty to experience at Quicke’s farm. Pay a visit to the fantastic farm shop where you can sample so many delicious treats, many of which are fresh from the farm kitchen where all the magic happens. A perfect place for those serious about their cheese, you can also find out more about the cheesemaking process on the cheese walking tour!

A platter of a variety of cheeses


The Picnic Boat, Dartmouth, Devon

The Picnic Boat is a really special treat for either you or the foodies in your life. Here you can hire a romantic picnic boat for two, which provides a bespoke menu and includes a bottle of great champagne. This option isn’t just for lovers, though. Anyone can hire the picnic boat and pick from a variety of cuisine, such a local lobster and crab, a continental picnic, a ‘farmers fare’ and, of course, the classic, a Devon cream tea.

Depending on how long you hire the boat for, you can also stop off for a spot of crabbing or a trip touring a local vineyard, the perfect complement to your foodie feast.

A wooden table with a picnic blanket

Brixham Fish Market

This world-famous fish market is the perfect place for foodies who love fresh fish and seafood. This market boasts strong fishing traditions that date back to the 14th century, and is England’s largest fish market by value of fish sold.

There are over 40 different species of fish sold, with their main catches being Cuttlefish, Lemon and Dover sole, Squid, Monkfish and Turbot. There are different species of fish available throughout seasons too, which means there is a very special treat to be had every season. You can also enjoy a tour of the fish market for £15, which includes breakfast and a donation to the Fisherman’s Mission.

Brixham Harbour


The Riverford Field Kitchen, Buckfastleigh, Devon

The Riverford Field Kitchen, is a place where foodies alike can all come together and share their favourite thing to do with each other, eat.

This restaurant is quite different from the rest, offering a unique dining experience. There is just one sitting at a set time, and the whole restaurant is served together at the same time. Six to eight dishes are created in the kitchen, using ingredients from their surrounding fields and gardens. From farm to plate, generous platters are passed around to share in one long flow from the start time of the meal; there are no starters or mains here!

What’s for pudding, you ask? You are invited up to the kitchen to choose your own dessert from a wide selection of delicious sweet treats. This really is one for the food lovers, just make sure to book ahead as they only cook for the number of people who are coming!

A box of different, brightly coloured macaroons

We hope this has inspired you with some new places to eat. If you fancy making a trip out of it, why not consider glamping in Devon? For the perfect break of eating and relaxing.











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