Here at Quality Unearthed, we appreciate the need for people to get in touch with their surroundings in the modern world. Our daily lives can often feel like a whirlwind, with hectic jobs or parenting responsibilities often at the core of an existence that follows a seemingly never-ending pattern. It’s important that we pause, whenever we get the chance to, and take note of our place in the world. Not our daily world, but of the natural world that surrounds us.

If you are somebody who is looking to further their connection with the natural world, why not take a look at these few helpful suggestions that could help you reconnect.


Appreciate the Seasons

A woman looking up at snowy trees in winter

This is something really simple, and it’s likely that you are already doing this to some degree. In the UK, we are fortunate to have four distinct seasons throughout the year. Other countries in the world look on at our wildly changing, yet relatively mild weather with envy, so it’s essential to appreciate what we have. However, this can mean more than just talking about the weather to passers-by.

The next time you have a moment on your daily journey – whether it’s the bus ride to work or the walk across town in the morning – take a look to see how the world around us changes during the seasons. Notice the differences in the trees, the grass in the parks or even the flow of water down the river. It may seem relatively unremarkable at first, but if you keep doing this you will begin to see the acute changes to the landscape as time passes, things you may have never noticed before that shape the world around you.


Use Your Legs

An old man and lady walking a dog on a woodland path

This is an especially important act that often goes amiss, both for people living in urban and rural areas. Just by taking every opportunity to walk places instead of taking transport, your connection with the world will deepen. The journey may take a little longer, depending on the situation, but this fact is an integral part of the process of reconnection.

Walking is about more than its physical nature, something we will come onto in our next point. The experience of walking to a place and, importantly, taking the time out of your day to do so will allow you to connect with the world in a plethora of ways. You will see places from a different perspective and utilise the full range of senses on your journey, allowing for a deeper experience. You can take this further by taking a walk through any natural parks or trails that are nearby.


Physically Connect

This is really simple – if you want to reconnect to nature, then physically connect to nature! Human beings are animals, and our ability to understand the world through touch is an essential part of our function – we establish relationships throughout our lives through touch, and by making contact with the earth around us, we can deepen our understanding of it.

This can be done in a collection of ways, but one of the easiest is by going barefoot. Even the simple act of taking your shoes off while sitting in a public park or doing some gardening barefoot and feeling the cold grass underneath can help us feel closer to the world.


Spend a Night with Nature

A bonfire at the edge of a river and forest with stars above

One of the most popular ways people reconnect with nature is by spending a night alongside it. Traditionally, this meant camping, the experience of sleeping in bags and waking up on the ground helping people reconnect with the world. However, more people now are going glamping, the perfect way to facilitate your reconnection to the natural world.

Glamping provides the luxuries of modern living in an environment that is kind to nature and allows you to enjoy the natural world around you. By spending an evening eating underneath the stars or glamping with a hot tub, you will feel a closer tie to the world around you. Then, by sleeping peacefully and waking up surrounded by lush green lands, your connection with the world will have deepened, your understanding of the environment around you heightened.


These are just a handful of methods that can help you reconnect with the natural world. Thinking about planning a glamping getaway? Why not read our guide on how to unwind on a glamping break?

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