If your children are anything like we were as kids you’ll be well aware of the moans and groans that reiterate the notion that boredom will ensue the moment they arrive in the glorious outdoor nature-filled environment that encompasses yurt holidays. Well with a little help from your friends at Quality Unearthed you can combat any such negative vibes by going back to basics with a fun-filled exciting scavenger hunt that includes the whole family!
Go On A Scavenger Hunt- While On A Yurt Holiday
Let us get the ball rolling with this timeless activity that will get the kids active and get their brains thinking too. If you’re stuck for ideas as to what to include in your list of things to scavenge for we have 14 things you are likely to come across while on a Pembrokeshire yurt vacation. Obviously you can take these ideas anywhere else that is rich in luscious green space and ideal for running around without safety worries that are associated with a bog standard holiday in a hotel or apartment.

Once everyone has collected the items on the list you can then go one step further and write a journal describing the object and where each of the items were found.

Alternatively you can make the list into a makeshift bingo board and the first person to get a single line or a full house wins a designated prize for their successful hunting skills.

Get your pens and paper at the ready the list is right here for you:


  1. Something fuzzy
  2. Two kinds of seeds
  3. Something round
  4. Something straight
  5. Two pieces of man-made litter
  6. Something rough
  7. Four different types of leaves
  8. Something green
  9. Something brown
  10. A pretty stone/ rock
  11. Something you think is beautiful
  12. A stick
  13. Something that can make a noise
  14. Something you will treasure

We are sure there are lots more things you can add on to this list depending on how long you want the hunt to last for, but for now we’re sure this will help get you started. Happy scavenging!

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