a beginner’s guide to glamping

If you’ve been enticed by all the talk and excitement that surrounds glamping, but you’re aren’t quite up to speed on what it is and you’re after some help, then don’t despair, the friendly people here at Quality Unearthed are here to help!

What is Glamping?

The term glamping stems from the amalgamation of the words ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’. Glamping is essentially a hybrid of the age-old form of accommodation that is camping, which as we’re sure you’re aware, involves sleeping under the stars with the basics and a tent. However, glamping takes things up a few notches and allows you to immerse yourself in accommodation and facilities that appeal to those looking to experience a more luxurious and comfort-orientated break that you simply cannot get with traditional camping.

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Why Glamping?

With glamping, it’s all about gaining enjoyment from a pure, natural and relaxing experience that other holidays just can’t provide – that’s what makes glamping UK so unique!

Unlike choosing a room with or without a view in a hotel, when it comes to selecting the luxury camping abode that best suits your wants and needs, there’s far more scope. For example, you might fancy a stay in a treehouse, or perhaps a yurt holiday is more up your street? So, whether you want to experience a stay in a shepherd’s hut or an eco pod, you’re opening yourself and your loved ones up to an opportunity to revel in the unsurpassable beauty and stunning surroundings, not to mention the unique luxury that the property provides. And then there’s all that amazing fresh air that expels the stresses and tensions associated with daily life with every breath!

Glamping is all about allowing yourself to get in touch with nature but without sacrificing that comfort and lack of facilities.

A view From The Outside Of Lottie The Lorry, Glamping Pembrokeshire

Glamping Today

As glamping has evolved with the times and indeed its popularity has grown, it has seen more forms of travel accommodation being associated or classed as glamping, mostly due to it’s unusual, exclusive or unique nature. When things started out in the luxury camping world, it was more about having a few more creature comforts, but now glamping has evolved into its own, and everyone wants to enjoy the beauty and allure of this exceptional style of holiday.

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How to Choose a Glamping Property

If you were looking for help to find glamping property, why not try narrowing down your list of options by choosing from some of the following features, by asking yourself which if the following means most to you:

  • Location
  • Quirkiness
  • Features
  • Type of break
  • Size

Don’t forget, glamping abodes are almost always packed full of delightful creature comforts as standard to look forward to.

glamping East Sussex

Glamping is a way of letting people from all backgrounds and of all ages enjoy the simpler things in life without having to sacrifice comfort and facilities. Just consider such appeals as the locally sourced produce, nature, wildlife, and ever-lasting memories that only glamping breaks can give you. There’s never been a better time to book your very own glamping experience!

Why not take a look at these glamping properties here at Quality Unearthed to whet your appetite?

If you would like to know more about the accommodation that we offer here at Quality Unearthed, then contact us today on 01348 830922, or email [email protected] and we can help you find the perfect luxury camping abode for your individual needs.

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Hope Gypsy Wagon

A romantic Gypsy caravan holiday in the Dorset countryside ~ 'Hope' is an original 1927 bow top wagon who many years ago was used by families to travel the countryside.

Sleeps 3
Explore Me
Seren Wagon

If it's a romantic break in the countryside in a secluded spot suitable for stargazing with your sweetheart you're looking for, then Seren Wagon is the idyllic break for you.

Sleeps 2
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£670 - £810
Lottie The Lorry

Grass-root glamping in Pembrokeshire - but don't let the pastoral setting fool you.

Sleeps 2
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£475 - £545
Moon Pod


Moon Pod is a luxury wooden haven on the edge of the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast.

Sleeps 2
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Group glamping is the new friendcation, and Cherrygrove in the beautiful county of Somerset offers some of the best yurt glamping facilities to accommodate your family birthday bash or hen do.

Sleeps 20
Explore Me
£2,600 - £3,500
Hoots Treehouse
East Sussex

Be one of the first people to stay in this inspiring new tree house currently being created by 'Blue Forest', one of the world's leading tree house design and build companies.

Sleeps 4
Explore Me
£1,554 - £2,035