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Autumn is perhaps not the season most associated with glamping, with summer usually being our busiest time. Perhaps this is because not many visitors to our website do not realise that we still have a fine selection of properties available during this beautiful season or maybe many do not realise how rewarding a glamping holiday at this time of the year can be. However, throughout this month, we have made it our mission to provide some great content to show you why autumnal glamping retreats are ideal for all types of holiday groups and some resources to help you plan your autumn break such as 5 reasons why we all love glamping in autumn, October half-term in Gower and 12 months of glamping: a month by month guide.

Family throw up autumn leaves.

Why there are many reasons to love autumn, with the beautiful autumnal scenery topped with golden leaves and the chilly air that makes us wrap up warm, towards the end of October we are rewarded with one of the most exciting events of the year for our kids (or even the big kids amongst you!). Yes, you guessed it right… Halloween! So, why not ditch the stereotypical, and often disappointing, trick or treat-ing around the block and give your kids a Halloween they can rave about when they return back at school or you can talk about at work? Here are just a few reasons why glamping during Halloween is the best:

Camp-fire Stories

Family gather around camp fire for Halloween ghost stories.

Whether you huddle around a fire-pit outside or cosy up against its glow in the comfort of inside, the roaring fire is the perfect hub to gather around and share those spooky ghost stories. Your kids, big or old, will love taking it in turns to share some scary tales. Be sure to buy some marshmallows to roast that you can peck on during the occasion and, if you are a musical lot, why not even take a guitar to do some sing-alongs? Once story-time is over, remember to make a cup of hot chocolate to settle any nerves before bedtime.

A Private Halloween Party

Kid carves pumpkins for Halloween glamping.

Our glamping holidays are perfectly located to give you a unique setting that is nestled in the heart of the UK’s best natural spots. Here, you and your loved ones can spend some quality time together, something every family wants and needs during the half-term period. Halloween usually sits near or during the half-term, making it the perfect excuse to get away and utilise as a great theme for a party-night during your autumn family break.

Your kids will love decorating the glamping abode in spooky decorations, cooking up some Halloween goodies, carving the pumpkin lanterns, dressing up in costumes and putting some Halloween-appropriate tunes or playing some mystery games. Trust us… this evening will make for a treasured family memory for years to come!

Look out for Night-life Creatures

Flying bats spotted during glamping holiday.

Bats are synonymous with Halloween, perhaps because for years they have been coined with the famous vampire, Dracula. You do not have to travel far around the UK to see these wonderful creatures soar through the night sky. The UK is home to 18 species of bats, which equates to almost a quarter of the mammal species that call our nation home. The most common species is known as the pipistrelle, which is identifiable by its medium to dark brown colouring and small body- which averagely weighs only 5 grams.

 During autumn, bats are busy collecting food and resources from their habitats made up of woodland, water or pasture to survive throughout the winter season. They will take back their findings to their autumn and winter roost, preparing it for the maternity season. Their roosts are usually in trees and caves in the natural world, but you can also find roosts in barns, houses and tunnels; these will also be hidden away from busy roads or noise, that can interrupt with their echolocation, so our private and secluded glamping properties are the perfect place to spot a bat or two, or three… or four!

Unique Holiday Experience

Dad takes to a swing rope during treehouse glamping.

We have a number of unique properties in our portfolio that are open during the off-season, some of which are situated high up in the trees and have the choice to climb up to your beds like Spiderman. If you’re looking for a truly special retreat for your kids, why not take a look into treehouse glamping?

Here, kids, both young and old(er), will be able to spot all the local wildlife that are sharing the branches with you, whilst your holiday home morphs into an on-site and private playground.

Why would you love to glamp for Halloween? Let us know via our social media channels! Additionally, to avoid disappointment for next Halloween, why not take a look at our properties that are available for the following year?

Alternatively, if you cannot wait, we still have The Log Cabin available for a Halloween 2017 booking should you want to coincide this with the upcoming half-term. The Log Cabin is situated in South East England in Colne Valley, by a grand body of water, sleeping six.

Image credits: shellac available under creative commons.

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