With our need to have unique experiences that fit our values and budgets, glamping has become an appealing option for travellers. The UK has seen also seen an increase in Brits taking staycations over the last following years, with 4 out of 5 citizens stating they would take rather have an adventure back home according to reports by Go Outdoors. It is no surprise with the rising prices of holidays abroad!

The outdoor hospitality industry has seen an increase of 1% in 2016, in a year on year comparison, according to reports by IBIS Worldwide; this equates to around a £3bn revenue! A solid growth considering the trends of economic decreases in other sectors due to Britain’s recession. This fact is supported by studies from the Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism that found the outdoor hospitality industry has achieved a “stellar performance during the recent global financial slowdown”. Upon further analysis, it is no surprise that the market for glamping is expanding as the service offers customers exactly what they need, a luxurious family holiday by the sea at an affordable price that has the mod-cons they require.

The report further highlights this need with the identification of where the concentration of glamping sites are situated, with the South West providing the best location according to the IBIS report. “Cornwall, Devon and Dorset are popular for holidaymakers seeking warmer weather and beaches,” stated the report, with Wales also being mentioned as having a large share in the glamping market, with “sites being located on the coastline… [with sites] in the vicinity of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and Snowdonia [being] particularly popular”.

The increase of popularity of glamping is further supported by the results of Google Trends, where searches for the term have shown an upward trend over the past five years, with the expected seasonal fluctuations. Most searches originate from the UK and Ireland looking for glamping UK breaks; however, there is a slow increase in the amount of interest being generated by a global audience.

So, what is the future of glamping? We can only expect good things according to these results! However, there is a growing need for research into the trend, with the Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism highlighting it as “an area in need of academic research”, only then can we get a clear picture on the true scale of the glamping market.

Study our infographics below to see the main points about the glamping market in 2017, and please feel free to use or share!

Glamping market infographic brought to you by Quality Unearthed. Part 1 of 2.

Glamping market infographic brought to you by Quality Unearthed. Part 2 of 2.

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