There are many reasons why you should give glamping a go, but if you’ve never been and you need that extra push in the right direction before you delve into a holiday of a lifetime that will change how you go about booking holidays forever then let us be your guide!
Couple Glamping | Under The Stars | Yurt HolidaysThe beauty of glamping is the choice of abodes you can choose from. Yurt holidays are always a popular one and with good reason, but you can consider other options too.

Take a look and see if we can’t convince you:


Seeing the world in a different light

The beauty of glamping is that it doesn’t restrict you to those rammed campsites full of noise and activity. Glamping can be enjoyed in some of the most unique exclusive areas on the planet and you get to experience it all in a different light. Love being close to the outdoors without having to contemplate sleeping on the ground or going without your essentials throughout your stay.

One extra incentive is that where there’s a lack of artificial light there’s an abundance of natural light in the night sky in form of stars. Always breath-taking and never gets old.


Enjoying the eco-friendly

Whether you are a full-blown lover of the environment and strive to live as green as you possibly could or if you are making every effort to live in that way, you’ll love glamping! Glamping sites aren’t all run by ‘hippies and free-thinkers’ but they do offer a greener alternative to staying in a city hotel for example. Lots of abodes offer outdoor solar showers and provide a low carbon footprint too. Glamping certainly gives you an absolutely amazing experience with lots of amenities which are entirely eco-friendly and thoroughly ‘glam’.

Don’t pack, don’t lug, and don’t worry

Some consider this to be the number one factor as far as opting to go glamping is concerned when it comes to booking a vacation. The fact that you aren’t lugging a heap of equipment and supplies like you’re spending a week at Glastonbury Festival, erecting and taking down tents is a reassuring thought. When you’re on a holiday you want to be spending your time discovering and unwinding, not doing all the donkey work with a huge load on your back! When you go glamping it’s all ready and waiting for you.

Benefits without sacrifice

Glamping gives you the prospect of doing many of the things that normal people want to do when they go camping simply without a host of the disadvantages that crop up when camping. Yes, you can be outdoors, close to nature, removed from the big city and isolated from technology or bring it with you! Glamping can be as high-end or as simple as you want, it’s all up to you so you get to decide how rough and rugged you want your trip to be!

Equipment? What equipment?

Glamping really is just the best way for you to recreate your childhood camping memories and adventures without having to do the grown-up things like buying all kinds of expensive camping equipment that, let’s face it, you might not ever use again. Ok, glamping isn’t exactly the same, however, you will still get to experience the joy of sleeping under the stars without having to fork out a shed load of cash camping essentials.

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