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green light from government for funding of solar-powered ambulances

Here at Quality Unearthed we love anything that’s good for the environment, and especially when the initiative in question is saving lives in more than one way. The news that an innovative scheme to power life-saving ambulance equipment through roof-top solar panels reached us here and we just had to share this wonderful idea! The scheme has seen a funding boost from the Government as the bods in charge of the country look to cut pollution from more than 1,000 public sector vehicles.
Solar-Powered Ambulance | Set For Streets of Yorkshire | Eco-Emergency ServicesThe Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust has been given the green light to proceed with the installation of solar panels to the fleet of 175 ambulances in order to reduce the dependence on diesel engines to charge batteries.

Annually, these emergency vehicles drive 40 million kilometres, however, when they are stationary they have to keep their engines running to prevent the batteries going flat.

As you can imagine, the result of flat batteries can lead to the vehicles being designated as off the road, thus jeopardising lives across the region of Yorkshire. This project will see the installation of solar panels on the fleet so that the crews will have less need for the engines to be running, which will in turn, reduce vehicle emissions and improve overall air quality in the region.

The funding received (£166,000) is a welcome boost and was announced as Transport Minister Baroness Kramer revealed the successful bidders for the £5 million Clean Vehicle Technology Fund (CVTF).

A total of seventeen local authorities have been awarded grants for a wide variety of cutting-edge, pollution reducing technologies which will now be fitted to as many as 1,163 vehicles.

We might not have solar powered ambulances at our luxury camping Sussex destinations but we love the idea nonetheless. Let’s hope this initiative becomes a country-wide project sooner rather than later.

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