When you take the opportunity to go glamping in Glastonbury you are able to fully appreciate what a beautiful and lush environment is on offer outside of the urban jungle. Not seeing an abundance of smoggy clouds over your head and fresh air to breathe is pure bliss! There’s been a milestone in the efforts to help in the march forward on energy efficient tidal power that has no impact on our environment (and keeping those smog clouds at bay) thanks to a Cardiff-based company.

DeltaStream- Renewable Energy- Near our Pembrokeshire Glamping Location
A 156-ton tidal power generator, built to full-scale created in order to display the potential for harnessing tides as a source of renewable energy has been revealed in Wales for a 12-month trial. Providing all goes well with the trial the company who are behind the generator, Tidal Energy, are setting their sights on setting up an additional nine more of these seven-story energy providing mechanisms.

These impressive creations can generate 10 megawatts of power- that’s enough to supply electricity to roughly 10,000 homes in the area.

This fantastic piece of engineering goes by the name of ‘Ysbryd y Mor’ meaning ‘Spirit of the Sea,’ and will provide 400 kilowatts of energy to the National Grid. The generator uses the company’s patented DeltaStream technology which employs a freestanding triangular base and cutting-edge hydraulics to allow for free-turning movement designed to capture tidal currents and generating power in the most efficient way as possible. Anchored by weight and not requiring any costly and environmentally destructive seabed drilling means the device saves time, money and resources in that aspect of the project.

The company aims to minimise maintenance costs with this design too, with the device built to withstand some of the most stormy ocean currents as these current are the ones that produce the most power to be transferred into energy.

The project is set to be the first private marine energy scheme ever fully undertaken in Wales. Not just that but it will be one of the world’s first grid-connected tidal energy sources. 

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