With winter well on its way, we’re looking to the new season and what it may bring. If you’re thinking about popping the question to your loved one over the next few months, we’ve got some fantastic ideas on how to plan the perfect winter proposal, including when, where and how, as well as some extra special tips!

a man proposing to his girlfriend in the winter

When Should You Propose?

There is no one answer suitable for the question “when should I propose?” as this will entirely depend on you and your partner! This isn’t something to rush into, so make sure that both you and your partner feel the same about wanting to spend the rest of your lives together. You should feel able to share your thoughts and feelings with one another, and be willing to compromise when things get a little tricky – no relationship is perfect, but if you can learn to balance and negotiate, your love will continue to grow!

A calendar for planning your next UK cabin holidays

Setting a Proposal Date

You may have a time of year in mind for the actual proposal, such as on one of your birthdays, or your anniversary date, or might want this proposal to be a little more unexpected and spontaneous. Here at Quality Unearthed, we think that the winter is a perfect time to propose, with cosy evenings by the fire and rooms lit by soft candlelight creating the ultimate setting for romance. Different seasons give you a different range of places to do your proposal, for example, you might have to rule out a beach proposal once the winter winds have arrived. However, there are plenty of indoor locations which will be simply perfect!

man giving his valentine a glamping holiday

How to propose

One of the biggest questions on your lips might be how to propose. There are a plethora of places which could make for your partner’s dream proposal, so it might be worth doing a little research beforehand to ensure that your proposal is an overall success. Here are a few of our favourite places and ideas for a winter proposal in the UK:

The Log Cabin in Essex outdoors view

In a Glamping Abode

A glamping abode for two can provide an ultimately romantic setting. Here you can enjoy a cosy evening together admiring the stars from a hot tub with a glass of bubbly in hand, or you can huddle up by the wood-burning fire for with a cup of hot chocolate! Booking a weekend away together will allow you to have some quality time, and will mean that there are little to no distractions from one another. In today’s busy lives, it can be difficult to plan in some well-needed time away together, so this is the perfect excuse to not only enjoy a weekend break but to show your partner how much they really mean to you. Then you can surprise them at some point over the weekend with your proposal either in your weekend home or at one of the amazing natural locations nearby!

A treasure map for a scavenger hunt proposal

A Treasure Hunt

Planning a treasure hunt could be a truly magical way to propose to your other half. This could be done inside or outside (weather permitting), but be sure that you’re both wrapped up warm for any outdoor adventures! Turn your proposal into some kind of game, where they could follow a path of sweets, chocolates, flowers or clues, leading them to the final find of the ring! As you’re planning your treasure hunt, ensure that you write each location down, or draw yourself a map (just in case you get lost). This will make for a truly memorable occasion that you’ll look back on with joy for many years to come. There are so many stunning countryside areas in the UK where you will be able to plan such a treasure hunt, whether you want to find somewhere local to your home, or a little further afield.

A jar filled with fairy lights in the sand

A Message on the Ground

With winter bringing the darkness to our evenings early on, you can make the most of the dim lighting for a truly special proposal. When you think of winter, a few things will likely come to mind, including fairy lights! A very romantic way to propose would be to invest in some battery powered fairy lights and to write your proposal on the ground with these lights, then bring your partner out to admire your handy work and give you the answer you’ve been waiting for! You can admire the starry sky alongside the beautifully lit ground for a picture-perfect moment! This is a wonderful idea which could be done while staying at one of our glamping cabins!

The Log Cabin in the Colne Valley by the river

If you’re looking at UK cabin holidays when planning your perfect winter proposal, we have a range of properties available that might be just what you’re looking for, including The Log Cabin which sits on the edge of a gorgeous lake! Take a look today and book your dream glamping abode for a proposal that they’ll always remember!

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