When you go on yurt holidays in Wales you don’t need to concern yourself with the ins and outs of yurt construction and the materials they are built from. But for a self-proclaimed urban hippy by the name of Alec Farmer, it’s all he’s had on his mind. So he teamed up with his friend, designer Uula Jero, to create the Jero. The Jero, to you and I, is a modern take on a traditional yurt with a bit of a twist- it’s more than 50% lighter than conventional yurts and compact enough to fit in a typical car too.
Jero Yurt | Part Build New Design | Yurt Holidays Could Change ForeverThe Jero yurt is made of marine plywood, praised by both of Jero’s designers for its low-waste production, characteristic strength and capability of withstanding harsh weather elements. Jero’s newest yurt was designed on a computer and CNC milled in order to use as little material as possible.
New Jero Yurt | In Packed Down State

The traditional building of latticed wall panels have been exchanged for 17 sheets of flexible, 5mm-thick plywood that, when placed in a circle, form a formidable rigid structure.

Venture inside this fine abode and you’ll see the yurt has a truly organic shape to it- 18 dowels which reach up to the crown and are connected to vertebra, the wood pieces that help stabilise those poles. The vertebra in turn connect to ribs, the two-pronged pieces that fasten to the yurt’s walls. Archetypal yurts of this size (four meters in diameter) consist of 36 dowels, but the vertebra and ribs of the Jero allowed the designers impressively manage to reduce that number by a staggering 50%, requiring less wood.
Jero Yurt | Fully Constructed New Yurt Design

Each of the components involved in the yurt design measures at 1.2 meters long, which is the width of a sheet of plywood, and the final weight comes in at just over 17 stone, (less than half the weight of a typical yurt’s 32-47 stone). Jero reveals that it only takes two people and between one and two hours to erect. Although the £4,500 price tag is by no means cheap, if you’ve enjoyed the yurt life so much during your holiday and you’re ready to simplify your life then it’s really not a too rough a deal in comparison to rent in London eh? 

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