Many of our guests come glamping with the intention of escaping the real world. Choosing to switch off their mobile phones, leave emails unanswered and social media accounts unchecked. The digital world is now part of so many people’s reality, and often, without realising it can become an overwhelmingly large part of our lives. As throughout the day we are checking notifications, shopping, digitally catching up with friends, taking pictures of our pets, working or any number of other things. Being constantly plugged in and entertained in this way doesn’t leave us enough time to just be. Choosing to take a digital detox opens a wealth of opportunities; if you allow yourself to ‘go with the flow’, here’s what is likely to happen when you do dare to switch off the digital gadgets and reconnect with yourself.


Free Your Thoughts

A woman looking at a lake

With constant entertainment available at our fingertips, through chat, an endless number of films and series, social media and more, people are allowing themselves less and less time to process and enjoy their own thoughts. Staring out of a window and daydreaming is becoming something of a bygone era, but through a digital detox, you can bring it back into the present. Without a digital connection, your mind has the time to run wild, to imagine, to process and possibly plan. Spend some time thinking about your own moments, rather than scrolling through someone else’s.



A bed and table with a cup on top of it

We’ve all done it – stayed up until the early hours of the morning browsing the web until our eyes physically won’t stay open anymore. The act of ‘relaxation’ is majorly underrated, and with your digital detox, we’re encouraging you to embrace it. Our bodies need time to recover and recharge and to do this effectively, we must take the plunge and disconnect from the digital world. Allow yourself some uninterrupted rest, wake up without looking at your phone, and head into a deep slumber naturally, rather than after a late night phone session.


Let the Creative Juices Flow!

A person painting with water colours

Depending on your usage, your digital detox is likely to open up a lot of free time. It may be a surprising amount or less than you thought, but either way, it can be filled with an array of creative tasks! So many of us have a crafty streak but are still yet to indulge, and this is the perfect opportunity. Whether it’s writing, painting or crafting, giving your mind the space for these sorts of activities can be just what you may need to get the creative juices flowing.


The Art of Conversation

Three women laughing

Eyes alight with laughter, a smile from ear to ear. Meaningful conversation comes with meaningful interaction, and the special moments we share with people are usually when we are engaged with one another. An emoji may suffice, but nothing beats sitting next to someone and connecting in the real world. Tell stories, share jokes or be still and quiet with one another. It’s a good thing to switch off from time to time, as it allows you to truly appreciate and relish in the beauty of those you care about most.



When your eyes are absorbed by screens, from the minute you wake up, to the minute you go to sleep, it can leave us out of touch with the ability to simply watch and observe. Going from a mobile phone to your work computer and home to a welcoming television screen can, in a way, filter out the simplicities of what is happening in front of you. Rather than scrolling through socials when you wake up, why not go and spend five minutes in your garden? Or don’t put the television on until you’ve been for a walk? Watch out for the birds and bugs, take note of the changing seasons and reconnect with the landscape around you.



A hot tub at a glamping abode

Getting a moment or two to yourself can often feel indulgent. With the demands of the everyday making us all so busy, taking time out for you is a luxury many of us can’t afford. A digital detox can be a fantastic time to prioritise these ‘you’ moments, and we can’t think of a better way than retreating to nature and enjoying a holiday! Glamping with a hot tub, anyone?

We can’t guarantee the beginning of your digital detox will be easy, but we hope, that after a couple of days, you’ll embrace being unplugged and the wealth of benefits eases the change in your life.

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