One of the luxuries of treehouse holidays is that you don’t have to consider finding the best tree for the treehouse you are staying in. You may be interested to know what it is in a tree that the architects of such amazing holiday accommodation look for before they go ahead and start building. There are several things to consider, here’s four of the most important:

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Healthy Trees

The presence of a disease or injury doesn’t necessarily eliminate a tree as a location to build a tree house, but it might mean that the tree is in need of further investigation and possibly some treatment before, during, or after the building of the treehouse. Trees have a restricted amount of energy that they can use for structure and defence. So, if the tree is struggling with too much already, then any additional stress, such as the adding of a treehouse, may tip the scale and result in the tree’s health declining. It is vital that the age, condition, and environment of potential trees for treehouses should be considered.

Your Favourite Tree

It is said by some that if there is a particular specimen of tree that you have a soft spot for and you love what it offers then don’t build the treehouse in it; build the treehouse in the next tree over so that there is a view of your favourite tree. Makes sense doesn’t it?

With all treehouses there are always going to be a certain amount of environmental and constructional side effects, but it is not taken lightly and steps are always taken to keep this to a minimum. Keeping that in mind, is it perhaps better to avoid building in specimen trees and build in the next ones over that may be more expendable? We like to think so.

Environmental Impact

A treehouse is going to introduce a number of environmental changes that will inevitably affect your trees. Foot traffic will compact soil and therefore this should be confined to a few well-travelled paths if possible, with barriers and wood chips spread around if at all possible. It’s always important that guests remember that the tree is the giving host for their treehouse and peeling bark, romantically carving initials, etc. is not respectful or kind to the tree and should be avoided.


Professional Arborist Evaluation

If you are considering building a treehouse or you are interested in the checks carried out prior to construction, then you should know that tree evaluation is a good idea. This should always be carried out by a professional. First, they take the time to see the trees in the flesh so to speak. Once they pass the visual inspection without red flags, then that could be the only check required before giving the green light. If there are other considerations to look into, then further analysis and testing may be recommended but in the end when all is OKed it gives the chance for a wonderful holiday destination that is sure to be appreciated by many.

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