Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day

In our opinion, Earth Day is a day that is celebrated far less than we would like it to be. Indeed, to us here at Quality Unearthed, it feels like less like a day that you mark in a diary and more a way in which we live day by day, as consciously as we possibly can.

It should not really be a day that is routinely marked by one day of the calendar year, but more of a state of mind, or a movement even, that should be at the core of everything we do. One of our core values has always been that Quality Unearthed is about nature, and specifically getting people to ‘go forward’ to it.

Essentially, that means experiencing it. But we need to make sure that there is a nature left for us all to enjoy and leave behind for others to experience as well.

Whilst ‘Earth Day’ only grabs headlines and hashtags once a year, it is much more stark than ever, that we need a special day to remind ourselves to practice these traits. But seeing as its a day that can turn heads, and where we can at least make a fuss, we want to wish you a Happy Earth Day.

Now, let’s pay it forward, and make each day a day where we think about nature and what is around us so that we can leave something truly special behind for future generations.

Happy Earth Day!

PS. Any changes you can make for a more sustainable world are positive ones. They don’t have to be immediately grand. Simple ideas can contribute to every day being a ‘Happy Earth Day’.

To find some inspiration to help you make simple, small changes that can have a great impact on the environment, read our guide on ‘Top Tips For An Eco-friendly Holiday’ and make some subtle changes on your next glamping break.

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