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the healing power of nature

We’ve long since argued that the benefits of spending time in nature are plentiful and that time spent in the great outdoors is time well spent when it comes to both mental and physical well-being. This notion has now been echoed by Countryfile’s Ellie Harrison, who has spoken of how nature has the power to heal. Here at Quality Unearthed, we couldn’t agree more, and thought we’d explore the plethora of benefits the natural environment can provide and how you can make the most of them to help inspire your next glamping holiday.

Natural Brain Boost

Electroencephalogram readings of people’s brains while walking from an urban park back into the city proved increased activity in the subgenual prefrontal cortex. This is an area of the brain that is associated with depression and anxiety, which is telling on the long-term effects densely populated areas can have on some people. Those who participated in the study reported feeling less brooding and stressed while in the park. Another study proved those who spent time near plants were more willing to help others, whilst those surrounded by trees approached situations more ethically than those who were surrounded by buildings. All of these suggest that should you find yourself feeling any of the aforementioned negative emotions, some time spent near greenery is the most naturally effective remedy.

Pretty forest

A Room with a View

Numerous studies have shown that motivation and cognitive abilities at work are improved tenfold when employees are provided with a view of nature outside their window. Furthermore, those in hospital seem to heal faster when they can see greenery from their hospital bed. The majority of our glamping abodes have spectacular surroundings or are just moments away from a breath-taking viewpoint. If you have a particularly difficult challenge in your work or personal life, running away to a cabin in the middle of nowhere is a better idea than it sounds, as you can make an informed decision with a clear head. If you find yourself glamping in South Wales, what better view to wake up to than the beautiful Brecon Beacons? For those that are self-employed, this is well-worth remembering for the next time you are really struggling with a task – and if glamping counts as working, where do we sign up?

Natural landscapes

A Meditation Retreat

Whilst getting down to your local park to meditate is likely to be working wonders for your mental wellbeing, there’s nothing quite like truly escaping for a few days. Meditating in a field in the middle of nowhere where you really are the only person for as far as the eye can see will make you feel far more rested, renewed and ready to get back to it. A recent study from the Journal of Psychosomatic Research reported that those embarking on meditation retreats are likely to reduce levels of anxiety, depression and stress while improving quality of life. If you’d don’t fancy forking out thousands for a meditation retreat in some faraway land, why not create your own, from the comfort of your glamping accommodation? Most of our sites are secluded, nestled deep in the country, providing the perfect opportunity to meditate for as long as you so desire, the benefits of which you’ll appreciate upon you return to reality.

Woman meditating

Exercise in Greenery

It may come as no surprise that exercising in the natural environment results in a better workout than one completed by those that trudge out the miles on the treadmill. More enjoyment, more satisfaction and less frustration is also felt while decreasing perceptions of fatigue and physical symptoms that might of otherwise interfered with progress. Whether you’re training for a big event, or you simply want to get fitter for your own wellbeing, pack up your running shoes and head on a glamping holiday! Running through the woods, wild-swimming, hiking, cycling, surfing or even just playing frisbee are all more effective when completed in a relaxing environment.

Woman jogging

Connect with Nature Through Food

Eating healthy, fresh produce makes you feel both physically and mentally better, but due to the time and money restraints that are ever-prevalent in 21st-century lifestyles, we’re all guilty of opting for cheaper, easier alternatives. Trade the big supermarket chains for a local farm shop, where you’ll be able to indulge in free-range eggs and meat, homegrown vegetables and homemade bread and we’re sure you’ll feel all the better for it. Some of our glamping sites will have the opportunity to forage for food, but we recommend you check with owners before indulging on whatever you can get your hands on!

Free range eggs

That concludes our guide to the many examples of how nature can heal. Do you know of any other ways spending time in nature can contribute towards a better physical or mental wellbeing? Let us know via the comments on our social media channels and share your tips with other glampers! Check out the abodes below for some fantastic abodes nestled deep in the countryside that are perfect for you to experience the healing powers of nature.





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