Cycling is a fantastic way to get aerobic exercise, glamping is a great way to enjoy a delightful break, either with the family or if you’re on romantic glamping UK holidays. And what a combination they are when paired together!


Cycling is an exciting and low impact way to exercise, helping people get in shape and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Simply hopping on a bike, popping a helmet on and going for a spin can be very therapeutic and healthy, not to mention a lot of fun! Does this sound familiar to you? Probably because all of those things can be likened to a glamping holiday!

Look at these three points on what’s so good about the popular pastime of cycling. It’s something we love and it works hand-in-hand with glamping trips.


Cycling is Environmental

Cycling is a wonderful way of reducing your carbon footprint and doing our bit to look after the environment. On estimation each commuter in the UK alone emits 3.5kg of carbon a day through their various forms of transport. If we multiply this amount population of commuters, then all of a sudden we are presented with a fair bulk of pollution. So instead of going for a drive on holiday, why not go for a bicycle ride? Not only do you get a fun bit of exercise, you get to save do your bit to save the planet doing it at the same time!

The exercise is super!

Cycling takes away the stress on your muscles and joints that other forms of exercise cause such as running. This means you can get a great workout even if you’re not used to exercise. As it is a form of aerobic exercise (using oxygen) it means that you’ll be able to go on for longer, as well as increasing your metabolism which is great for weight loss, and feed the local trees with your carbon dioxide when you breathe out!

It’s Fun and Can Be Free

Imagine waking up in a beautiful glamping location and taking a look outside to realise you have the chance to explore the amazing surroundings. The best bit of having a bike is that you get to explore more! Some beautiful green areas and open spaces with fresh air will make you feel absolutely amazing. Cycling, like glamping, has no bearing on your age or ability. Cycling is one of those things that everyone can do. Take a journey at your own pace and simply soak up the relaxing times.

Additionally, cycling is also one of those ideal family activities and is an effective way to get the kids out of the house for some exercise.

Ultimately, cycling is good for both the body and mind, paving the way for a healthy lifestyle. Don’t have a bicycle? Ask about renting one before you arrive on holiday- you won’t regret it!

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