Glamping; which is short for ‘glamourous camping’, dates back further than that you might think. Although the term has only been around for a short time in relation to the time that the original abodes have been in existence, the ideas date back as far as the 1100s.

Glamping is a way to experience the fun of camping, the beauty of nature and the luxury of home comforts without the hassle of having to put up a tent and live like a caveman.

With the popularity of glamping ever-rising in the UK, we bring you a brief history of the origins of the glamping holiday…

Where Glamping All Began

Glamping accommodation

Back in the 1100s, Mongolian tribes would live in yurts or gurs under the reign of Genghis Khan, they were ideal for sheltering them from the strong winds and providing a great, stable semi-permanent home as they moved from place to place.

The gurs were so popular that some Mongolians still live in them today! There are many glamping UK venues around today that provide this wonderful experience. You can book a stay in our Mongolian yurts if you would like to truly experience the delights of the wooden framed home within the wonders of nature.

The Glamping Evolution

The view looking out of Deerland Safari Lodge UK Glamping in Dorset

The next date in history that tells of glamping was around the 1900s when wealthy Europeans and Americans wanted a taste of luxury on their camping adventures to Africa. They would stay in safari tents, often furnished with antique furniture, double beds, Persian rugs and luxury bedding. The visitors were not keen to leave the luxury of their homes on their travels, however, wanted to experience the spectacular views available within nature so took their luxuries to accompany them.

This became more and more popular within the small group of wealthy people until nearly a hundred years later the popularity rocketed to the glamping holidays we know today!

When the idea eventually caught on, it was then an idea adopted by adventurous groups that regularly attended outdoor events but didn’t enjoy having to live in a tent, with festival providers often offering glamping instead of the traditional camping, it completely changing the traditional festival experience.

Fun Fact: The term ‘glamping’ only really appeared in 2007, with the holidays really taking off in 2010. In 2013 glamping was truly established and since then there’s been no looking back for this amazing style of luxury holiday!


Come and visit us and experience our fabulous range of glamping locations in the UK, from Mongolian yurts and safari tents to treehouses, hobbit houses, geo-domes and eco-pods, there is something for everyone!

A Little Bit About Quality Unearthed

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Glamping, luxury camping and unique holidays in the UK are about the experience: an unusual place to stay, an open campfire, a log burner… allowing you to enjoy the freedom of space and proximity to nature without compromising on your home comforts. We have handpicked some of the best alternative abodes in the UK, all of which are set in areas of outstanding natural beauty, to provide you with all the ingredients for your most memorable vacation yet. Our locations don’t only offer simply breathtaking escapes, they also provide visitors with a whole range of activities to truly enhance your unique holiday experience, right here in the UK. Whether you are seeking the perfect place to unwind with a loved one or you want to enjoy precious family time, you will find the perfect destination through us here at Quality Unearthed.


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