From a melting Arctic to a worldwide plastic pollution problem, the health of the planet and the impact humans are directly having on it has never been talked about more than now. Many people are beginning to make drastic changes in their lives as they become more conscious of their effect on the health of the environmental world and for very good reason. Whether it’s switching to a reusable coffee cup, shopping plastic free, taking the bus rather than driving or choosing a plant-based diet, every little change, when done collectively, can make a difference to the world.

So you’re trying to save water, cutting down on your energy usage, buying second hand, composting your waste and recycling, but have you thought about the impact that your annual holiday is having on the planet? In this article, we’ll be covering how you can make your breaks a little more environmentally-friendly.


Choose a No-Fly Holiday

An aeroplane wing.

One of the primary green-goals is to reduce carbon footprint, and it is well-known that one of the largest contributors to it is flying. When exploring all corners of the globe has never been so easy and flights have never been more affordable, hopping on a plane which can take you to sun, sand and sea within a couple of hours is increasingly tempting. The environmental cost of a holiday grows considerably the minute we step aboard, so avoiding taking to the skies will ensure your holiday is a little more conscious.


Make the Most of Public Transport

People on a bus.

The UK, when compared to other countries, has a fantastic public transport system. Stretching far and wide, from the populated parts of the country to those more isolated, the vast network allows you to explore all of the wonders that the UK has to offer. Whether it’s a train, bus or car share, making the most of the more environmentally-friendly travel options will only reduce the impact of your holiday. Plus, you’ll get more leg room and avoid any hefty baggage charges, as well as take in the sights along the way! A win for the planet, and a win for you.


Opt for a Longer Break

A hammock at sunset.

In the UK, mini-breaks have seen an astounding rise. The sometimes, slog of the working week, is much more bearable when you know that as soon as Friday rolls around you’ll be out of the office door and exploring somewhere new and back home by Sunday ready to do it all over again. But, these frequent trips have a much larger impact than an extended break, as primarily, it means more transportation. A longer and less frequent break is much better for the planet, and it’s likely you’ll get more out of it too. Whizzing around a new location for just two or three days can often bring more stress than rest and relaxation, whereas a couple of weeks stay allows you to settle and immerse yourself in the area you’ve chosen.


Explore the UK

A beach on the Gower, South Wales

We are blessed with an outstanding natural landscape here in the UK. A diverse and beautiful coastline, majestic mountain ranges and the famous rolling, green countryside. Alongside these exceptional scenes, we have a history and heritage like nowhere else in the world, a vibrant and rich culture, and abundance of arts. On a relatively small island is packed a broad mix of things to do and places to visit. Discovering what’s on your doorstep can present a wealth of memorable experiences, and the planet will thank you for it.


If you’re looking to enjoy a staycation this year, and are on the search for unique and quirky accommodation, why not take a look at our stunning range of South Wales glamping options? Wales is a joy to explore, with over 180 miles of coast, the mountains of Snowdonia and the Brecon Beacons and an array of inland fascinations; it can be a fantastic destination for your eco-friendly staycation!

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