A recent survey has revealed that nearly a third of British workers did not take their full holiday entitlement in 2014 – with schedule clashes, hefty workloads, and apprehension about taking time off work causing people to remain in the workplace, as opposed to exercising their right to time off.
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We are lucky enough to see how happy Wales, luxury camping, glamping and other staycation options make people, and the news that more than three in 10 employees admitted they didn’t use their total allowance of annual leave in 2014 is cause for worry.

When workers who either haven’t worked a full year, not kept track of their holiday, or aren’t given any annual leave are incorporated into the figures, it was shown that only 59% of respondents took their whole holiday, according to the YouGov survey.

Workers in the UK are authorised to receive 28 days off work annually, which includes bank holidays.

The 28 day minimum is in amongst the lowest of the European countries, where the average is 33 days, with just a single country on Earth – Mexico – having a scarcer number of public holidays than the UK.

Those of you who are taking time off are almost certainly doing the right thing, because by not being off work, you can be helping to increase lower productivity levels, or more hours being worked, the survey found.

You know what to do, book a glamping trip, it’ll be great for all concerned!

Image: Eliens under Creative Commons.

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