Nothing is more pleasing that setting of on luxury camping Pembrokeshire breaks and other such glamping adventures in the beautiful spots these abodes reside in so that we can get away from the hectic times of work and daily life. However, enjoying beautiful slices of picturesque locations are becoming much sought after, and eco-homes are being touted as a home of the future.
Eco Home Of The FutureMake Architects have designed an eco-home for former footballer, Manchester United FC’s Gary Neville. This spectacular underground eco house sited in the hills of north Bolton intends to deliver the most premier offering of environmental efficiency by realising sustainable thinking through its design and construction. 

Consent for planning has been granted for what is set to be the very first zero-carbon property in the North West of England and is being promoted as ‘a house of the future’.
Eco Home Of  The Future So the nitty-gritty workings of the eco-house mean that it will generate its’ own on-site renewable energy through a ground source heat pump, photovoltaic panels and a wind turbine. Impressively all this will actually consume less energy than it generates. Positioning and orientation of the abode have been cautiously considered and materials for the property will be locally sourced using traditional construction methods.
Eco Home Of The  Future

Additionally, the proposed scheme has already been recognised as an exemplar project within the Government’s ‘Planning Performance Agreements for Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Schemes’ programme. 

Eco Home Of The  Future

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