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how to live on a boat

Many people are deciding to wave goodbye to dryland and hop aboard, whether that’s permanently or for an extended weekend glamping! The allure of the mirror-like and calming waters mixed with the idyllic lifestyle is becoming an increasing draw for many, and for very good reason. Before you make the big step and buy into your dream, there are a few things to consider, some of which, we’ll go into more detail below:

The Lifestyle

Today’s modern life is often focused on bigger and better, whether that’s your house, car or job. This continual want for more can often take away the joy which can be gained from the simplicity of life, as we focus more on what we can buy and the things we could surround ourselves with. Living on a boat encourages you to take things slower and consume less. It’s likely that the size of your boat will limit the volume of things you can buy, allowing you to step off the treadmill and instead, make the most of what you already have. When you move aboard, you’ll need to have a thorough clear out, reducing your wardrobe and rehoming some of your knick-knacks and furniture. Try to see this as a cleansing period, rather than a task which is detrimental to your way of life.

The lifestyle of living aboard is usually much more relaxed. A mix of stunning landscapes, frequent sightings of wildlife, exercise, fewer overheads and a space which is unique to you and comfortable, encourages you to wind down and simply enjoy each day as it comes.

Trial Period

A glamping boat interior

Before plunging into your boating adventure, we would recommend a trial period of around two weeks. Here at Quality Unearthed, we have Devon glamping boat options, which would be a perfect way to experience life on the water before you part with large sums of your savings. This break aboard will provide you with the opportunity to experience and live in a smaller space, to see how well you adjust to a different accommodation style. You’ll also get to check out the layout of the space, as well as what appliances or additions they have been able to fit aboard comfortably.

Life’s Luxuries

Life aboard comes with many differences to your standard brick and mortar home. When you’re searching for your boat, there are a few of life’s luxuries which you may have previously taken for granted before you began your search.

A few things worth pointing out include:
• Car parking – how far away from your boat will your car be?
• Will the vessel be large enough to house a bathtub? Can you have a flushing toilet?
• How important to you is your own garden?
• Will you need to produce your own electricity? How will you heat the boat? Where will your drinking water come from?
• Do you have room for a washing machine?

Choosing a Boat

A glamping boat interior

So, following your trial period, if you still feel as though living aboard a boat is for you and you have your investment ready, then the next stage is to begin your search for your dream vessel. Finding the right boat may take a couple of months or a couple of years, and it’s important to remain patient during your search, so that you find something that ticks all (or most) of your boxes. If you’re new to life on the water, it may be worth consulting someone who has a little more experience, so that they can guide you on what to look out for and whether or not you’re making a sound purchase.

A few things worth considering include:
• Cost
• Performance
• Condition
• Space and layout
• Insurance
• Moorings
• Certifications

Preparing the Space

A glamping boat

For many, preparing the space and making it comfortable to live in is one of the most exciting parts of the lifestyle change. If you’ve brought the bare bones of a boat, you’ve allowed yourself a bit more creative freedom (as well as work), the process can be fantastic and very rewarding, as you turn a shell of a vessel into an inviting and comfortable home.

Are you considering a change in your lifestyle and are wanting to opt for something much simpler? Or, are you preparing yourself for a week or two away aboard a bobbing boat? We’d love to hear about your planned adventures! Why not get in touch via our social media channels!

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