People enjoying treehouse holidays UK are becoming more and more popular as they look to different options in order to get something more from a vacation. One man who wanted to make a treehouse his permanent location after completing his amazing 30ft high treehouse is Ethan Schussler. But unlike many who choose the simple method of a bridge or ladder to access a treehouse Ethan decided this was not his preferred method and decided to look at other alternatives. So with that in mind the designer decided to put the idea of using an old bicycle to the test. He set out to customise it to move along a huge chain, transforming the bike into his own personal elevator, which steadily rises to the treehouse’s entrance by pedalling.

Recycled Bicycle Used As An Elevator- Treehouse Hideaway Has Amazing New Way To Gain Access- GlampingSchussler’s solution to not wanting to haul a 30ft ladder into the forest not only gets him quickly into his treehouse hideaway, but also recycles an old bike that was just lying around.

The eco-friendly pedal powered elevator was originally an old twenty speed bicycle. Schussler adjusted the bike’s gears by changing the sprockets around so that they were effectively the other way round to how you would see on a normal bike. This gave enough tension in order to make a gear slow enough for hiking his own body weight up to the treehouse efficiently. On the ground is a chain that acts as an anchor and the elevator is used by simply hopping on the bike and pedalling away. Quite magnificently, as the pedals turn, the user is hoisted into air, which resembles something out of the movie E.T. Once the top is reached, Schussler climbs over the wooden guard into his treehouse sanctuary with ease.

Getting back down is the easy bit and arguably more fun, with the gear tension adjusted it’s so a slow, smooth a safe descent as you return to the ground.

Watch the video here:

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