The year of 2018 came and went in a flash! For the whole 365 days, we celebrated the Year of the Sea in Wales, with natives and visitors alike embarking on their own personal journeys to enjoy the best wildlife, food and drink and heritage that Wales has to offer. As much as we would love to continue serving up the best of the sea, we are now in 2019 and this means celebrating Wales in a new way, with this year being the Year of Discovery!

Building on the previous years, the Year of Discovery really lends itself to the wonderful country of Wales as there is so much on offer for visitors of all ages and interests! Because of this, you’ll want to make the most of your trip by staying over somewhere perfect! When visiting Wales, Glamping is a great option as you can experience the luxury of all the mod-cons, with the tranquillity and peacefulness of nature. Here’s what you can get up to during your stay in 2019:

Discover Landscapes

Welsh landscape

When thinking of Wales, expansive natural landscapes and rollings green hills immediately spring to mind and this is because the country is blessed with some of the finest views and areas of natural beauty in the UK, perhaps even in Europe. Although Snowdonia National Park is the most renowned in Wales for its vast and diverse landscape, the south of the country is equally blessed, with the Brecon Beacons National Park capturing hearts. Both of these magnificent regions offer visitors breathtaking views and practically unlimited potential for discovery.

Discover The Coast

Welsh beach on the coast

If you weren’t able to enjoy the Year of the Sea last year, then why not put it on your bucket list for 2019? Whether you’re embarking on new adventures by making the most of Wales’ nearly 900-mile coastal path, or finally finding the time to grab your rod and head out fishing, we know you’ll discover a treasure or two during your time here. That said, if you’re looking for a slightly more tranquil and sedate experience in the country, why not try checking out some of the stunning sandy beaches in Wales?

Discover History

Church in the welsh country side

History and Wales are two things that go hand in hand as the country’s diverse and rich past bleeds through even in the busiest and most commercial parts. The cities of Cardiff and Swansea, the two most populated areas of the country, embrace and celebrate their history, with museums, attractions and tours taking place throughout the year. However, if you’re looking for something more authentic, then you won’t have to travel far from the cities to find a plethora of historical landmarks such as churches, castles and caves, ripe for discovery.

Discover Sports & Adventure

Climber at the top of a Welsh mountain

The possibilities of sports and adventure in Wales are endless. The natural landscape can provide the perfect outdoor playground for anyone wishing to hike, climb or horse ride, with miles and miles of rural terrain. Or, if you’re more of an aquatic adventurer, there are plenty of places on the coast that are ideal spots for surfing, swimming or kite surfing. Why not embrace your wild side and head out to discover your next sporting adventure?

Discover Authenticity

Sign post to different welsh towns

Wales is renowned for its epic scenes, so, why not make the most of them and venture out into the beautiful countryside for a relaxing and tranquil escape? Upon heading into one of the many rural towns or villages, you’ll begin to experience the authentic Welsh way of life immediately, with welcoming and friendly locals and thriving independent business. No matter where you visit, you’ll be spoilt for choice with a multitude of places to explore. Perhaps if you’re heading to South Wales, you could check out these five beautiful places?

If you’re looking for a base from which you can discover Wales, why not check out some of ours? No matter where you want to stay, we’ve got you covered! We’ll also be updating our blog with great ideas of how you can discover Wales for yourself in 2019!

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