make memories: 5 tips to make your holiday one to remember

Experiencing a holiday is something to remember in any case, but as we grow older, these memories can often fade. Due to busy schedules, it can be hard to even find the time to get away from the stresses of our everyday lives. However, it is important that we make time for one another, whether it is with your partner or as a family.

Additionally, you may think that to create a holiday that won’t be forgotten easily you have to pick the perfect destination, but actually, that is not the case at all! It is all about how you approach your holiday and what you do during your stay that really creates memories.

When on holiday you want to make sure that you have the best time possible and make memories that will indeed last a lifetime, so we have put together the guide of tips to make your holiday memories last forever.

1 – Try Something New

Going on holiday is all about new experiences, whether that is trying a new dish or throwing yourself into a new activity. To make your holiday one to remember you should try to experience as many new things as possible as you never know if you are going to find a new hobby or even a new favourite food. Wherever you choose to go, try and get out of your comfort zone and dive headfirst into something completely new and different.

2 – Put the Phone Away

Nowadays, we are all guilty of relying on our smartphones a little too much. When on holiday, there is so much to see and do around you that sometimes we are so busy looking at our phone screens that we often miss things.

Of course, your phone is a great way to capture photos to remember the things that you are doing, but at the same time, you don’t want to see everything through your phone screen. We suggest ditching any electronics whenever you can and open your eyes more to what is around you instead.

3 – Share Your Passion

Whether you are travelling with your family or partner, it is worth sharing your passion with those around you. Whether you are an avid walker, golf player, horse rider, if you enjoy something then share it with the ones you are with.

This can lead to them enjoying your hobby or activity and then when you return from holiday; they could join you!

4 – Don’t try so hard

Sometimes we try too hard for everything to be completely perfect. However, it is important to remember not to try too hard, as if things don’t go to plan it could ruin your holiday! Instead, try and go with the flow and let things happen naturally.

5 –  Stay Somewhere Unique

The place where you stay can really make an impact on your whole holiday. However, do you just want to settle for a standard hotel room? Staying somewhere completely unique can leave a lasting impression on your memory.

Instead of the normal hotel room or bed and breakfast, why not opt for a treehouse, yurt, shepherd’s hut or eco pod? With such an abundance of choices, you won’t know where to start! We have a wide range of glamping, UK abodes available.

Whatever you choose to do on your holiday, we know that you will make memories that are sure to last a lifetime. What is your fondest memory of a holiday? Let us know using our social media channels!

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