Continuing on from our wildlife week here at Quality Unearthed, we thought that, if you weren’t successful in the application for the Hedgehog Officer role we spoke about at the beginning of the week, and you still want to help the little guys out then we have got just the thing.

A hedgehog in a garden at night near Quality Unearthed

Here we have a collection of top tips for you to gain information that’ll allow for you to make your very own garden a haven for hedgehogs. This is great, not only for the conservation aspects of the species, but also if you are keen to document them, or capture some great wildlife photography, then these little fellas will literally be on your doorstep!

Check out the handy pointers here that have been provided by the Wildlife Trust, and put them to good use:

  1. Cut a five-inch-square hole in the base of your garden fence, or remove a brick from the base of your wall, to let hedgehogs get through
  2. Alternatively, replace fences or walls with hedges
  3. Don’t pave over your garden
  4. Encourage insects with a diverse range of plants rich in nectar
  5. Leave out meaty cat or dog food
  6. Avoid treating your lawn with herbicide
  7. Pile up logs to create a habitat for hedgehogs to breed or hibernate
  8. Make a compost heap, which can be used as a hedgehog nest
  9. Take care when clearing piles of leaves, as hedgehogs may be nesting in them
  10. Install a pond with a gently-sloping edge so the hedgehogs can drink but won’t fall in and get trapped
  11. Avoid using slug pellets, which may be harmful to hedgehogs

Fortunately, if you are unable to put the tips we’ve mentioned into practice then you can always head off for quirky holidays with us here at Quality Unearthed where we’ll be able to help you choose the best location to spot local wildlife and nature if that’s what you’re excited about seeing.

Image: Jo Garbutt under Creative Commons.


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