Children are the future and teaching them the green mentality at a young age is a great way to ensure that the world they live in is upheld from an environmental standpoint. Furthermore, expressing the importance of making conscious choices when it comes to being eco-friendly may not be as difficult as you think. Read on to learn how to teach conscious choices in children for a greener future!

Make it Fun

Kids having fun learning about the environment

An easy way to teach children about making conscious efforts being eco-friendly is by making the topic fun. Giving information with just text or using language that isn’t engaging will make the overall focus boring, which likely means they won’t understand or care about the issue that you’re trying to press. Speak their language, make the topic fun, with stories involving heroic characters, overcoming obstacles toward their efforts to be green. There are even existing popular children TV shows that do this, such as Peppa Pig! Alternatively, you can base the topic around a game, where the primary objective revolves around a positive effort towards their environmental impact. There are many ways to make the topic fun; you just have to think outside the box.

Reward Their Efforts

Stars for rewarding recycling kids

When approaching any topic or behaviour for children, it’s important to reward their efforts. The same applies for when they make green wilful choices. This can be achieved with star charts, for example, if they put plastic bottles in the recycling bin, then give them a gold star. Once they’ve accumulated a number of stars, you could even reward them with an educational trip with a focus on being green. Therefore, you can have the reward system stay on the subject in question, while rewarding them with fun and appealing activities!

Enforce the Impact

While it’s important to make the topic fun to encourage engagement, it’s equally as crucial to enforce the full impact. Both the positive and negative elements will help reinforce the correct conscious choices they should be making. Children emotionally engaged in the topic are sure to want to make the right decision, particularly when they understand the impact that they have, again, both the positive effects they have when being green, and the negative impacts when they neglect the subject.

Create with Recycled Goods

Arts and crafts with recycled goods

Using recycled goods during playtime is a great way to send your children down a greener path. Items such as empty toilet rolls, plastic bottles and so on are great for arts and crafts! Just ensure that you thoroughly clean all plastics and other recycled goods before use.

Donating Old Toys & Clothes

Childs old cuddly toy

Landfill sites are filling rapidly, so when your children inevitably grow out of their clothes or get bored of once fond toys, make sure to donate them to charity shops or hand them down to friends and family, instead of throwing them in the bin, and involve your children in the process. Enforcing this mentality from a young age will help them adopt a better instinct of what they should do with old items for the future.

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