We are lovers of anyone who is keen to help the environment in any way they can, and when we hear of big family attractions looking to do their bit for the cause we get even more excited! So when we heard of the news that rainwater from the region around the new Surf Snowdonia project will be filling the pools and making waves we just had to share this with our likeminded eco friends in the QU family.

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Image of what the new Surf Snowdonia attraction will look like. (Image: SurfSnowdonia.com)

For anyone who’s unaware of the new facility, it’s the world’s first publicly accessible Wavegarden® artificial surfing lagoon, currently still under construction on a site that used to lay claim to an aluminium factory. But now it’s being transformed into a spectacular new family-friendly attraction for anyone who wants to try out surfing or practice their skills if they’re already a shredder on the waves. Additionally for those who want to enjoy the 50 metre long café, restaurant and bar positioned immediately alongside the surfing lagoon, which includes a glass front so that visitors can enjoy food and drink whilst watching the surfing action.

Currently the team behind this cool new project are still hard at work as progress continues on the greatly-awaited family attraction situated close to the edge of the famous national park.

The eco-efficient team working on the project have said that the facility will be filled completely using Welsh rainwater that has been collected from the reservoirs in the Snowdonia Mountains and then made into waves for keen surfers from around the globe.

If you love glamping, Wales, and the environment then why not take a trip to a glamping destination in Wales this summer and visit Surf Snowdonia once it’s open? 

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