As one of the most popular UK holiday destinations, Wales is the perfect destination for a family holiday. From deep green valleys to stunning white beaches, not only is this enchanting location home to a diverse range of scenery but it’s also the ideal place to enjoy a number of outdoor activities. Below, we’ve listed just a few that are ideal families during a holiday to Wales:

Sea Kayaking

With hundreds of miles of meandering coastline, Wales is the perfect place for families to try their hand at sea kayaking! Not only does kayaking offer visitors the chance to view the stunning Welsh coast from an alternative perspective but it also presents the opportunity to enjoy some well-earned family time and make some lasting memories that can be treasured for years to come. Spend hours drifting along the crystal-clear water, gliding in and out of hidden bays and getting up close and personal with an array of aquatic wildlife including porpoise, seals and if you are lucky whales! Whether you are a family of first-timers or experienced paddlers, families of all abilities can relish the experience of a peaceful paddle in the sunshine.

Two people sea kayaking


With three national parks each full of breath-taking scenery, hiking is one of the best ways for families to explore Wales and all that it has to offer. Enjoy stunning panoramic views as you hike among steep mountain paths, luscious green valleys and dense wood forests. Alternatively, follow rugged coastal paths and discover beautiful hidden bays, charming secluded beaches and gorgeous coastal towns as you traverse the wonderful Welsh coast. Whatever part of Wales you visit, a hike will show you and your family the very best of this diverse region and enable you to immerse yourself in nature.

A family enjoying a coastal hike

Horse Riding

No matter what your age, there’s something truly magical about riding a horse, so why not treat your family to a horse riding experience in Wales? Trot along charming hillsides or canter along crisp white beaches as you take in the surrounding panoramic views and feel the warm breeze rustle your hair. Whether you’re budding beginners or experienced riders, there are a number of riding schools across Wales that cater for horse riders of all abilities, with expertly trained horses and professional guides leading parties of trekkers. As well as hacking through the Welsh countryside or along the stunning coast, riders can also enjoy feeding their horses after a trek, a particularly memorable experience for children that can be treasured for years to come.

A family horse riding at sunset


If you’re a family of adrenaline junkies, abseiling will be the perfect activity to get your pulses racing during your Welsh getaway. Not for the faint-hearted, abseiling requires bravery and determination and will test your ability to remain focused under pressure. However, while this extreme pursuit is not for everyone, those who are willing to take the plunge will be rewarded with a thrilling experience and some truly picture-perfect views. Be led by a qualified instructor who will ensure you descend safely as you navigate your way down sheer rock faces and jagged cliff edges!

A person attaching abseiling equipment to his waist


Wales is home to over 1,400 miles of cycling routes, making it the ideal location to embark on a family bike ride. Whether you fancy a steady cycle or a challenging ride, bikers can choose from a diverse selection of flat winding roads, single-track paths or rocky mountain trails to take them on a two-wheeled adventure through the Welsh countryside or coast. Many of these routes lead through towns and villages, meaning if you get a little parched in the glorious sunshine, the opportunity to stop from a refreshing beverage or delicious bite to eat will never be far away.

A family cycling along a trail


With some of the UK’s most scenic surf spots, Wales is the perfect place to grab your board and catch some waves with the family. Enjoy gliding along the soaring white waves as you dip and dive on your board, with the wind in your hair and your family members close behind! If you have little surfing experience, there are several surf schools dotted along the Welsh coast where you can take a quick and easy lesson to enhance your skills before heading into the water, making this a great activity for both amateurs and professionals.

While coastal locations such as the Gower, Glamorgan or Pembrokeshire are all great places to enjoy a surf, visitors can also head inland to Surf Snowdonia, a 300m long lagoon, to partake in a selection of water sports including paddle boarding and body boarding as well as surfing. If you do choose to opt for a beachside surf, be sure to check the surf before you head out to ensure you can tackle the tides safety.

A man surfing in the sea


A glamping holiday can offer families the chance to truly immerse themselves in the heart of the Welsh countryside by becoming closer to nature as well as each other. Here at Quality Unearthed, we have a fantastic range of stunning glamping abodes to suit families of all sizes, meaning no matter what your preferences, we can offer you and your family the chance to experience wales glamping at its best! To discover more, get in touch via our social media channels or contact one of our team members today.

One of our glamping abodes in Wales





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