Whether you’re young or old, there are endless benefits to relaxing and enjoying yourself through play. In today’s technological-driven world, this downtime is often spent watching television, playing games on iPads or shopping and socialising digitally. Getting outdoors and making the most of the natural world around us is often a pass-time very few of us prioritise for play or relaxation. In our latest blog, we’re going to explore why we think, the great outdoors is in fact, one of the best playgrounds you could choose!

Improves Creativity

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The indoors comes with many constraints to creativity, from a lack of space to freely move to noise levels being kept to a minimum and much more. The outdoors provides us with a sense of freedom, for both body and mind, giving you a sense of clarity, as you’re away from the demands and chores of your everyday life. With this clarity and ability to free your thoughts, you will begin to notice your creative juices start to flow!

Encourages Exploration

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Whether you’ve planned a hike to somewhere you’ve not been before, are hoping to catch a glimpse of the local wildlife or want to awaken your senses and enjoy a wild swim, the opportunity to experience something new amongst the natural world are endless! Exploration comes in many different forms, from watching a sunrise to mountain biking; try something new next time you head into the outdoor playground.

Boosts Health

Fresh air, sunlight and exercise are proven to benefit both your mental and physical health. Play amongst the natural world is likely to improve your mood and give you an energy boost, mix that with the likelihood of you exercising (light or intense) and you have yourself a recipe for increased health and happiness!


When was the last time you climbed a tree, swam in a river or tackled a challenging hike? You could be five or 75 and still have time to develop yourself. Physical activities such as running, walking or swimming all improve our coordination, strengthen muscles and promote healthy cardio. This type of development is also known to boost your mood – bonus!

Increases Confidence

The outdoor playground provides multiple opportunities to boost your confidence, and this doesn’t have to be to the extreme of conquering a mountain and reaching the dizzying peaks. Confidence can be gained through smaller, yet equally as rewarding challenges within the natural environment. Learning new skills, completing a new walking route, increasing how far your cycle, capturing a beautiful picture or painting one of the scenes you come across can all improve the confidence you have in yourself.

Promote Self-Care

Designated play, whether that’s inside or out, is you saying to yourself, ‘hey, get yourself some of that you-time’. Making an effort to look after yourself and recharge your body and mind through play, prioritises your own needs. You are deserving of time-out; make sure you add into your schedule regular slots where having fun, exploring and enjoying are the priority.

Mindfulness and Observation

Spending time in the playground of the natural environment will present you with an array of intricacies and happenings of the plant and wildlife you’re surrounded by. Allowing yourself to slow down and become more observant of the events happening around you is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Become absorbed by the world around you and reconnect with nature. Sitting by a calm river watching a water-skater skim across the surface, a squirrel busying itself collecting its winter food or new plants emerging in spring can all be ways to become more mindful amongst the natural playground.


With many of our day to day lives becoming increasingly hectic, the need to allocate time amongst nature is ever more important. Schedule time in your diary to visit a natural environment, to play or simply just be. You may even want to make the most of the natural playground on your next holiday and if that’s what you have in mind, then choosing a holiday which effortlessly fuses your accommodation with the natural environment may be a perfect option for you! We have a stunning selection of holidays which offer just that; from Scotland, Dorset, Devon to South Wales, glamping gives you immersion in nature, yet has all of the creature comforts and luxuries you’re used to.

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