When you take a trip glamping South Wales, of which there are many amazing destinations like our glamping Pembrokeshire or Gower spots you will notice the perfect patio area for you to enjoy. These are purpose built for our lucky visitors but some people are having a go at a bit of upcycling (which we love) by making their own patios from old pallets. There are so many things you can do with these pallets and this is definitely one of the coolest and most practical ideas.
Pallet Porch- Upcycling- Glamping
Pallet Porch- Upcycling- Glamping
This image above gives you an idea of what the porch looked like before it was transformed- a bit bland and boring, right? Not for long! The couple who live in the house were given a bundle of wood pallets so they put them to good use and made the porch their own. This wasn’t just a case of laying the pallets down over the concrete; there was a lot more work that went into the project. To start with each pallet was taken apart and each board was put through a planer, which uncovered the hidden beauty of the boards.

The couple found after the boards had been planed that the process uncovered a variety of all different kinds of beautiful hardwoods.

Not all of the pallets you find are made with this high quality wood but they can be obtained if you know where to look. The best type of pallet, if you are looking for them, are the pallets made for shipping large items like doors are often better quality wood.

Pallet Porch- Upcycling- Glamping

Once the hard work of installing and levelling the porch complete the staining process began. A tasteful dark walnut colour was used and you can see just how great it looks!

They didn’t stop there though. The leftover wood was used to make a step area in order to cover up a concrete patch next to the porch.

It’s amazing and inspiring to see materials that would have otherwise been discarded and thrown away being turned into something so impressive. 

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