Nature has a great way of taking our breath away with its beauty and wonder at times. Recently this was highlighted in its purest form by a professional photographer, Olivier Morin, who travelled to Norway to capture some of the most breathtaking surfing images we’ve seen in a long time!

Northern Lights at Lofoten Islands, Norway

Why Norway?

The reason is really because this is a unique surfing spot, both in terms of location and settings. While many surfers head to the warmer climates and waters of Asia and America, surrounded by golden sandy beaches and water that only requires some boardshorts, Norway has a rather different but equally as appealing allure for some. Around 1000 surfers make this annual trip each year, and this year AFP photojournalist Olivier Morin decided to make the journey so that he could capture the experience first-hand, and in doing so came away with some truly out of this world images of surfers riding waves off the Lofoten archipelago.


The waves at Unstad Bay come encapsulated in quite magical surroundings that the Scandinavian landscape has been naturally carving out for thousands of years. There’s certainly something special about the idea of surfing here, but it’s not for the faint-hearted!


The surfers who make the trek are equipped with full body suits that are between five and seven millimetres thick, accompanied by boots, gloves and hoods. To put this into perspective, most surfers in the UK will wear a wetsuit that is a mix of 3 & 2 millimetres thick in the summer!


Surfing in Lofoten also gives the surfers a chance to get closer to some of the wildlife that we only see in videos and film, such as seals and killer whales.


We’ve also saved arguably the best part of this location until last, because well, it’s something that everyone can appreciate and enjoy for its amazement; the Northern Lights. People flock to areas in the Arctic Circle each year to get a glimpse of this natural phenomenon first-hand, but few can say they have surfed waves that were lit up by the natural wonder.


You can take a look at these stunning images below, and if you fancy surfing, but in less harsh conditions, why not think about a stay in some of our glamping Wales abodes that are located a short distance from the coast?


In the meantime, take a moment to enjoy these superb pictures!

Northern Lights at Lofoten Islands, Norway

Surfing in Norway

Lofoten Islands in Norway during Northern Lights

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