A recent poll by CensusWide has shown an increase in interest from younger generations, voicing a strong concern for the well-being of nature and a desire to get more involved in the outdoors.

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This research showed that 16-34 year olds think it is particularly important that they get involved in activities within nature, as well as helping to preserve the wildlife and surroundings for the future. With previous studies showing the decrease of nature’s health, this latest poll however could be the start of a movement that will have a strong impact on the environment, aiming to educate people by getting them out and involved with the world we live in for a better future.

“This new data shows that young people have had enough of this and want to see more action to help protect nature for years to come. As young people, we will be affected far more by the future impacts of the loss of wildlife than older generations.” Commented the senior editor of the report, Matt Williams.

The interest shown by the younger generation is shows a great strength in commitment to a cause that is hoped to be seen through. The poll has sparked the Government to put together a long term plan for the next 30 years to help the natural environment to flourish.

With plans including the rewilding of several extinct species of animal, as well as steps to ensure that the plants, flowers and environment that we all inhabit is strong, healthy and thriving, which will ultimately aid the animals as well as ourselves to flourish.

The initiative also called for schools to add an additional 20% of outdoor lesson time in nature, learning within the environment about the world we live in, as well as urging parents to inspire their children get more involved with the outdoor world.

The report itself has been backed by Sir David Attenborough and he hopes that this will be the start of a major change.

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