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quirky milestone birthday ideas

Almost everyone would agree that no one enjoys getting older unless you are waiting to turn eighteen or twenty-one. But as you get older, it can be hard to find the time to celebrate a milestone birthday due to everyone being busy.

When a birthday is approaching, we spend hours online or trawling through shops to try and find an incredible gift which is unique and something they don’t already own. Milestone birthdays are usually for those turning 30, 40, 50 or 60, and finding a gift can be tough for these birthdays.

Unique gifts are usually the ones which are remembered, so that is why we have decided to assist you with a few ideas of some quirky things you can either give or plan for a milestone birthday.

Go Glamping

A glamping treehouse

Treehouse glamping can be an extremely unique gift to give or receive on a milestone birthday. Staying in such a quirky abode is captivating, thrilling and enchanting and won’t be something that is forgotten easily. If you are looking for a gift for a loved one, you can book both of you into a treehouse for a short or longer break. You can either plan this for their birthday and enjoy some time together or plan it for a later date. This is really a gift like no other, as it is doubtful that anyone has stayed in something quite like this before.

Themed Party

a poker table

Birthday parties are a great way to really celebrate a milestone and get everyone together. Choosing a theme for the party can be a fantastic alternative to a regular birthday bash, so why not pick a theme from the year that they were born, for example, 60’s singers, 70’s film stars etc. Alternatively, you can choose something like masquerade, Hollywood or a casino theme; it is completely up to you. Putting a twist on a birthday party will certainly get people talking as well as making it a little bit quirkier.

Treasure Hunt

A treasure map

A treasure hunt can be a fantastic alternative to a regular gift. If the gift receiver is your partner, you can make the treasure hunt about your relationship, or if they are an old friend, you can do the same as well. You can plan your treasure hunt a number of ways either of sending them out on a photo scavenger hunt or have a more traditional style in your town or home. By using a point system, you can see if they rack up enough points to receive their main gift.

Bucket List Inspiration

As we get older, there are always things which we wished we had done. Giving a bucket list to someone can be a quirky yet thoughtful gift to give someone on a milestone birthday. Think about the person in question, and really put a lot of thought into the list and try to make it realistic.

Gift Hamper

A hamper of food

Hamper baskets are usually associated with Christmastime, but there isn’t any reason that you can’t put one together for someone’s birthday. This type of gift can be perfect if the receiver is more particular, as you can create one for their taste. Of course, you can purchase a pre-made hamper but what would be the fun in that? Fill the basket with their favourite treats, drinks or if they have a hobby take some inspiration from that as well.

Memory-Based Gift

As we said above, trying to find a gift can be tricky, but choosing something personal can be a perfect alternative. If someone is turning fifty, why not try putting together an album which is fifty photos of them from every year of their life? These types of gifts are always really well received as a lot of thought has gone into them.

Whatever gift you decide to give, or event you decide to plan, we are sure that the receiver will be over the moon. What is the best gift you have received for a milestone birthday? Let us know using our social media channels!

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