Devon Wildlife Trust, who look after many areas close to our Devon safari tents, has confirmed that recent evidence provided highlights that beavers are living in the wild in Devon following concerns that they had ‘disappeared’.

A Eurasian Beaver in the wild near our Devon safari tents

The latest evidence shows that the beavers continue to thrive in the area, although it’s possible that they could have ‘upped sticks’ and relocated their lodges, further up river.

The charity confirmed that it is also currently observing four ‘active areas’ where it has seen fresh evidence of the beavers’ presence, as part of a half decade study in what is believed to be the first population of breeding beavers residing in the wilds of the English countryside for several centuries.

Mark Elliott is the Trial’s manager was quoted as saying: “We knew the beavers had not ‘disappeared’ but it’s good to be able to report recent evidence showing that they are still active on the river.

“Beavers are mobile animals and it’s quite common for them to shift their lodges and feeding grounds. There’s lots of room for beavers on this river so it’s unsurprising that they have relocated from the places that we saw them last spring and summer.”

The beavers are have proved to be really popular with local residents, and have attracted many wildlife-lovers, enthusiast and aficionados to the area, and even gained national coverage following their story featuring on BBC’s Springwatch programme.

Additionally, Devon Wildlife Trust also ran its own series of organised beaver walks along in 2015, all of which were fully booked, and the charity have announced that they are now planning to run more walks this year due to the demand from the public.


Image: Per Harald Olsen under Creative Commons.

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