In what we can only describe as fantastic news, it’s now official that a new record high of one quarter of Britain’s electricity came via hydro, wind, solar, and biomass during the second quarter of 2015.


 A beautiful windfarm producing renewable energy to help preserve our precious planet for luxury glamping UK

Here in Britain we generated more of our electricity from renewable sources than from the fossil fuel alternative of burning coal due to the fact that more wind and solar farms were built.


25.3% of the UK’s power came from wind, solar, biomass and hydro-electric sources, which was substantial enough to set a new record in the three months alone up to June, an increase from 16.7% in the same period in 2014.


What’s more, the share of electricity produced from Britain’s ageing resource of coal-fuelled power stations saw a significant drop, down to 20.5%, which is a 7.7% decrease from the 28.2% recorded in 2014.


In more good news, our government has lent its support to encouraging the shift towards using green energy through subsidies for renewable generation as they strive to meet climate change targets.


The Department of Energy and Climate Change said the newly recorded share of renewable generation highlighted the fact that there is more renewable capacity, such as the construction of big new offshore wind farms, as well “more favourable weather conditions for renewable generation”.


During the months leading into June the wind speeds were 1.4 knots higher, and, due to this, lead to more output from turbines. At the same time, hydro-electric power generation saw a boost too, due to the fact we had rainy weather in May and June.


The energy source of Biomass energy, also classed as renewable, joined the other renewables in an energy increase following the conversion of part of Drax, Britain’s biggest coal-fired power plant, to burn wood instead.


All in all, some wonderful news for the environment and those who love nothing more than enjoying the fresh, clean air that we have as a result. Why not celebrate the news with a trip to one of our luxury camping UK abodes where you’ll truly see the fruits of the renewable energies labour?

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