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say hello to jonathan, he’s 182 don’t you know?

So when you go glamping in Devon you are certain to encounter some of the regions vast wildlife and if you’re lucky you’ll get to enjoy a special moment like seeing a baby’s first adventure out from their nest or warren where they reside. As much as we think you are in for a treat of the wildlife kind in Devon we aren’t too sure you’ll see anything as extraordinary as this old fella were about to tell you about.
Jonathan the Tortoise | Enjoying His Life in St. Helena | Everyday is A Glamping Day With JonathanSay hi to Jonathan the tortoise, he is currently enjoying the grand age of… wait for it- 182! Jonathan is one of a rare breed of Seychelles Giant Tortoise. He is kind of a big deal and he calls the official residence of the Governor of the British Overseas Territories, in St. Helena, his home. It is unclear just how Jonathan came call the property his home in the first place.

There are no records but it is thought that Jonathan probably arrived in St. Helena at the ripe age of 50 back in 1882. His impressive life has so far covered 8 British Monarchs, starting with George IV, and a staggering 51 prime ministers!

Jonathan The Tortoise | Early Picture | Enjoying The Grand Space That You Can Enjoy While Glamping

His age does indicate that the enormous exploitation of tortoises for food between the 1600 and 1700s possibly had something to do with his arrival in St. Helena.

Additionally no one can confirm how Jonathan was fortunate enough to avoid the fate his fellow members of the species met, but one thing is for sure. Jonathan is most definitely a well-respected resident on the property and for that he gets free reign of the residence.

We love that this is clearly a mark of respect from the members of the community. Respecting your elders is an important trait, and Jonathan most definitely gets that and some! 

Oh! and he jut loves having his neck tickled too!
Jonathan The Tortoise | Having His Neck Tickled | Relaxing Like You Can While on A Glamping Vacation

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