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could you see yourself working a four day week?

How do you feel about the news from one of Britain’s leading doctors, Professor John Ashton, who has called for the country to alter its working weeks from five to a four days which would help reduce the high levels of work-related stress, enable people to spend more time with their loved ones or exercising, as well as reducing unemployment?
A Woman Relaxing In The Sun- Could We Be Doing This More Often If  We Have 4 Day Working Weeks- Leaving Time For More Glamping UK HolidaysThe new call from this leading professional would certainly allow more time for you to enjoy glamping Devon vacations but it has been suggested that it would also assist to help combat medical conditions such as high blood pressure and the mental ill-health linked with overwork or indeed the lack of work in some cases.

The president of the UK Faculty of Public Health stated that the normal five-day week should be phased out to eradicate what he called “a maldistribution of work” that is compromising people’s health up and down the country.

It’s a fact that us Britons work some of the longest hours in Europe, which surveys have connected to stress, sleep complications, reduced productivity and the bane of any business owner’s life- sick leave.

A YouGov survey released in April cited that more almost 60% of workers were advocators of the idea for a four-day week, and almost three quarters of those surveyed think it would make Britain a happier place.

We’re guess we’ll just have to watch this space for what comes next.

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