Technology is great. It has connected us in a way that means information is accessible from all corners of the earth, and the rich content allows us to expand and enlighten our minds for the better. However, sometimes there can be major psychological pitfalls to the relentless connectivity that has become such a natural way of life to so many of us. More and more people are becoming aware of the perils of social media the Internet, and our fixation with technological devices, tablets and smart watches etc. but if you’d never thought about what the benefits are to detaching yourself for a period of time then we can help.


Did you know that restricting our use of our gadgets come the evening is probably a pretty smart move? Find out why, plus more, here:

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De-stressing your psyche


Research conducted by experts at Kansas State University discovered that although we may fight it, it really is essential for us to enjoy some down time, after work in particular, to revitalise yourself mentally in preparation for the following day. This also counts for taking advantage of extended periods of time off, when we can make the most of what many treehouse camping and other glamping UK abodes offer in terms of being disconnected and benefitting from some genuine ‘you time’, without distraction.

Ensuring you draw a line between work and home life not only benefits you, it can also benefit your employer as well, because you’ll return to work fully recharged, and brimming with the joys of spring.

Combatting Internet Use Disorder


You might think it’s far-fetched but the Internet might just be the latest candidate for a mental health disorder. This is debatable, but when you stop and think, and you see how much people’s lives revolve around the internet and its various factions, you can see where there’s a strong debate. It can feel addictive, there’s no hiding from that. Plenty of people will openly admit to enjoying the rush of a mention on Twitter, or racking up a host of likes on an Instagram post. But is that really what it has come to? Mindless interaction without any genuine thought could be outdone by enjoying the ‘real world’ and all it offers if you give it the chance. Sights, smells, sounds and fresh air are simply unrivalled for improving the mind and body.


Studies have hinted at the changes in the brains of people who seemingly suffer from IUD, and it’s easy to get sucked in. Are we moving in the direction of having to classify internet addiction as a real mental health disorder? We suggest taking a step back. Read a book, go for a walk, talk to someone face to face, learn something new that you didn’t learn on the ‘net. It’s okay to enjoy social media, but there’s so much more to be enjoyed that the world wide web can’t offer you.


Helping your sleep issues and other psychological difficulties


A recent Swedish study found that young people who used technology heavily had a marked increase for risk of mental health problems such as sleep disorders, depression, and stress. Furthermore, research has advocated that social media doesn’t carry out the intended role of bringing us all together, instead, many become jealous, lonely, and jaded. So when we look at how important can be to give your mind, body and soul a rest from all things online, it will hopefully encourage more people to be inspired by the idea of heading to more tranquil places, for example. Try giving social media a break and finding or recapturing places that will fill us full of energy, ideas, and well-being.


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