With the festive period set to fill households around the country with all sorts of treats as people celebrate the holidays with an array of gifts for loved ones, family, and friends, we’re helping people with this informative reminder of how to stay on top of your recycling. While we openly advocate sustainable living, as a glamping UK lover does and without trying to sound like the fun police, we’re sure that, just like us, you want to make sure you do your bit and keep the recycling on point, right?

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So with that in mind, and without trying to overload you with difficult things to have to try and remember, we’ve got a list of ten simple aspects of recycling you can follow over Christmas, and in everyday life:



  1. Instead of purchasing an array of smaller bottle of drinks, whatever they may be, buy drinks in large bottles. By choosing this option you’re saving on the amount of ‘packaging’ being used as a vessel for your beverage.


  1. You might already do this, but if not, this is a good tip for all year round. If you buy your Christmas fruit and vegetables loose instead of pre-packed you’re doing yourself a favour by only buying what you need. Additionally, it lessens the amount of packaging heading for your bin.


  1. Make use of your old Christmas cards again by using them as present labels. Not the bit with the writing on it though!


  1. With the 5p charge on carrier bags and the readily available access of the bag for life, you can say no to unwanted shopping bags and make use of the ones you already have instead.


  1. Find a place that sells recycled wrapping paper and Christmas cards and get your hands on them. It’s a no-brainer!


  1. Following on from the last point, if you can’t find any recycled wrapping paper you should make sure that you don’t buy shiny wrapping paper as this can’t be recycling in the future.


  1. Why not take on a challenge, either within your household, or against other friends’ houses and see who can produce the least waste this Christmas?


  1. Pick up presents and gifts that don’t have much packaging. While vouchers and gift experiences might see like a cop out, they are good for preserving waste.


  1. If you prefer to have a real tree at Christmas, make sure you replant it after it’s resided in the house, or have it shredded once the festive season is over. You can also take them to be composted at any local household recycling centre, who will happily take it off your hands.
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