Tomorrow sees the run up to Christmas getting underway. And while there will be many leaving the wrapping and in some cases the actual shopping until Xmas Eve, there is one recognised tradition that starts on the 1st of the month every year. We are of course talking about the tradition of Advent calendars.

A Christmas Advent train with numbers on them at Quality Unearthed glamping UK HQ.


Originally the idea came about in Germany during the late 1800s before catching on in Europe and North America. Initially, the images in Advent calendars came from the Hebrew Bible, but now have lots of different images on them, from cartoon characters to pop stars and sports stars.


If you have an inquisitive little glamper in your family and they want to know more, why not let them enjoy these 6 bite-sized facts? Whether you’re taking your Advent calendar on a Wales glamping trip with you, or you’re opening them at home, why not open at least six with one of these facts added in for good measure?
1. The first advent calendar to ever be produced was made in 1851 and was completely handmade.

2. While advent calendars would usually consist of 24 openings, there are some calendars that have up to 31 or 32 doors, to include New Year’s Day.

3. Advent calendars have the word ‘advent’ in their name due to the fact that they are used at the start of the Advent, otherwise known as the Christmas season.

4. The first ever printed advent calendar on record is thought to have been produced sometime between 1902 – 1908.

5. Advent calendars characteristically have openings that may conceal pictures, poems, stories, or small gifts/food items, such as chocolates.

6. Some advent calendars countdown to Christmas by lighting candles and are called advent candles.

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