New research related to the UK population’s staycation trends has confirmed that more people are opting to staycation as opposed to heading abroad.

Early morning view of beach at Sidmouth looking towards Peak Hill and High Peak

A study conducted, which included more than 2,000 Brits, showed that nearly a quarter (23%) of people in the UK going on holiday prefer to stay here in the UK in comparison to three years ago, and it’s not just the allure of destinations, it’s the extra savings that appeal primarily.

Over the past 36 months, the research revealed that increased volumes of people have chosen to holiday in the UK, 73% in fact, which is 111% more than those choosing to head abroad. So where are the most popular places to visit? The South West counties of Devon and Cornwall lead the line, currently.

Fortunately, glamping Devon with QU is available in a number of locations so you can find out what all the fuss is about, with the survey stating that 1 in 2 British holiday makers believe they can save up to £1,000 by staycationing. Additional appealing factors included 49% saying a staycation’s ease of organisation was a factor in holidaying on home soil. A significant 63% also said that they’d choose to stay in Devon, if they had the choice.

Furthermore, 29% of people cited beaches and scenery as the biggest draws when choosing a UK destination, something luxury camping abodes are sure to have in abundance in the county of Devon!

Image:  Christine Matthews under Creative Commons

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