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staycations increase say experts

Glamping is a reasonably new genre in the world of holidays and at first it was considered a buzzword, which of course we all now know is anything but. However the idea of a “staycation” is on the increase and is a buzzword that isn’t going anywhere soon.


With the stresses and strifes of travelling abroad, particularly with a family, the prospect of a domestic holiday has rarely looked so enticing with many glamping Wales destinations being a popular one. And why wouldn’t you want to enjoy the best of what the country has to offer?

So it may be no surprise to find that travel firms up and down the country are reporting a intense swell in demand for UK breaks this summer.

A recent study suggested that a phenomenal 74% of Britons will be taking a holiday on home soil. TripAdvisor also reported that UK destinations are increasingly becoming the most regularly searched for.

Foreign holidays aren’t on the decline though. The Office for National Statistics advocates that the number of us Britons taking overseas trips has persisted in a stable way for the past five years, since the “staycation” sensation first emerged. But we’re seemingly looking to squeeze in extra UK breaks too, which can only be a good thing!


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