You don’t have to travel far to experience an adventure holiday… believe us! There are plenty of epic journeys to be had right here in the UK, and with our glamping holidays, you can have the adventure of a lifetime. To highlight the adventurous side of the UK, we are listing some of the best spots to take the plunge and go diving in the deep blue. The UK waters are not as cold as may be thinking, with average temperatures somewhere between 15-20°C in summer, depending on location. Whilst there is plenty to see with shipwrecks and busy habitats to witness. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into our feature now…


Man scuba dives in the UK.


Pembrokeshire Coastline, Wales

The first spot on our list has to be Wales, of course! The Pembrokeshire coastline boasts a fantastic array of marine life that is brought in by the Gulf Stream. You can expect to see seals and puffins above the water, whilst in the depths below, you can have close encounters with dolphins and basking sharks. Whilst the landscape in the blue is just as fascinating, with more than 500 listed shipwrecks in Pembrokeshire alone; these wrecks are within varying levels of water depths so can be explored by divers of all abilities. It is however advised that you are accompanied by a professional if you are not an experienced diver because the tides and currents can become challenging at certain times.

Perhaps the most popular sites are Skomer Island and Stack Rocks, and these can be easily accessed by boats. Other renowned diving spots include Stockpile Quay, Martins Haven and St Brides Haven. Extend the adventure by glamping; Cardigan Bay has a number of glamping abodes to rest your head after a long day’s dive!

Lyme Bay, Dorset

The Lyme Bay consists of rocky terrain that was created during the Jurassic Period, and because there are long stretches of cliffs with little access to the coast there are numerous amounts of seabed that are yet to be explored! However, there are now boats that run from West Bay and Lyme Regis that allow for the nearby coastlines to be investigated. The options for divers is to dive straight from the shoreline of the beautiful beaches that make up the area. However, there are some fantastic examples of World War wrecks just under the waves in near pristine condition. Perhaps the most popular wreck to visit is the SS Bretagne.

Lundy Island, Bristol Channel

The crystal waters of Lundy make this a particular favourite amongst avid divers. The small island has over 40 dive sites, even though it is only 5km long by 1km wide. However, what makes this destination such a great dive is its wealth of marine life that play in the sea around the island’s borders. The island is perhaps famous for its inquisitive grey seals who love to come and greet the divers who come here- it is recommended however that divers just see and don’t touch these wild animals. Diving lessons can be taken on the island, so even those new to diving can take the plunge in the waters at Lundy island. For those a little braver, night dives are sometimes arranged so you can experience the water’s bustling nightlife.  Lundy island can be reached by boat from the North Devon coastline, and return journeys can be purchased for a reasonable price.

Here are just three of the best places to go diving in the UK, if you think of any more diving spots you think should be added, let us know on our social medias!

Image credits: Tim Sheerman-Chase and Richard Allaway

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