What is hygge?

Hygge, pronounced ‘hoo-ga’, is the Danish term for ‘well-being’. This new trend that has swept across the UK and beyond, is the concept of going back to basics and living a comfortable and sustainable existence in order to promote healthy well-being.

Log fire and open book as part of the hygge lifestyle you could have on glamping holidays with Quality Unearthed.

This idea comes from Scandinavian countries, and has been a way of life for many, many years. It’s the feeling of being together, of being warm, comforted and safe, regardless of where you are. To connect with the outside world, not only with your friends but with nature; to be engaged and live in the moment.

In the 2016 World Happiness Report,  four of the top five countries come from the Nordic regions. Denmark achieved the number one place, with Iceland at third, Norway at fourth and Finland at fifth. It is therefore no wonder that the rest of the world wants in on their secrets to a happy life!

From the décor of your home to the things you do in your daily-life, the hygge lifestyle can drastically improve your quality of life- and it’s just so simple to follow!

How do you achieve a hygge lifestyle?

infographic for six ways to live a hygge lifestyle.

There is nothing to stop you from achieving a Hygge lifestyle with a range of glamping holidays available for you to get just that little bit closer to nature.  There is a true mindfulness to embracing every aspect of the Hygge lifestyle and the ability to live in the moment that could transform your life.

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