The Importance of Family Holidays -

the importance of family holidays

Christmas is the perfect excuse to spend some quality time together as a family, with great food, fun and games that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. It was this that reminded us, here at Quality Unearthed, just how important spending time together as a family is; whether children be young or old.

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Family holidays are the best times to take a step back from the hectic nature of life in the 21st-century, and reconnect with each other without any distractions. One of the best ways you can do this, is by a glamping holiday. Star-gazing, marshmallow-toasting, bird-watching, den-building, and embarking upon nature trails are just some of the activities you can get up to while glamping in one of our many quirky abodes. We’ve decided to make a list of just some of the reasons why a family holiday is so important and should be topping bucket lists all over the country for 2018.

Promoting Health

A holiday of any kind will work wonders for both a child’s and an adult’s health and wellbeing, allowing them to take some precious time away from the everyday stresses of modern life, be it work or school-related. Often, you will not even realise how much you need a holiday until a few days of rest, relax and recuperation has already worked its wonders.

In addition to overall health, family holidays also tend to involve some form of ‘green exercise’, which related to being active outdoors and has time and time again been proven to boost both physical and mental wellbeing. This is particularly applicable in regards to a glamping holiday, where connecting with nature has a host of benefits, including improving your mood, giving you a confidence boost and helping your body to produce virus and tumour fighting white blood cells.

Making Time to Play

Despite the best intentions, many modern-day parents have various work commitments and other time constraints that make spending quality time with the kids during normal routines difficult to say the least. In fact, a sobering statistic from the Telegraph recently revealed that 65% of parents say they only play with their children occasionally. The best way to make time to reconnect is to remove yourself from the daily distractions that you find consuming all of your time and hit the open road. Play-time while glamping is limitless, and nature is quite literally your playground, meaning there’s no end to the fun that can be had during your time away!

Play helps children to develop problem-solving skills and encourages creativity, but it also reinforces your feelings of love and appreciation towards them. That said, play is equally as beneficial to adults! One in six fathers say they don’t know how to play with their child, despite it furthering the same cognitive skills as it would for a child. It’s also worth remembering play-time is a massive stress reliever – it’s a wonder what you’ll forget when you’re in the land of fairies!

Building Memories

It was recently proven that nearly half of all Brits have created their happiest memories whilst being on holiday with their family, regardless of whether that’s a five-star, three-week break in Mexico or camping weekend in Cornwall. It was further discovered that nearly a quarter of people surveyed said that they recall happier memories when experiencing a rough time; it would seem that when the going gets tough, the tough go glamping! Given that positive memories are scientifically proven to stick around for longer than negative ones, it’s practically a no-brainer that the first thing you do in 2018 is book a glamping holiday!

All members of the family will be able to embrace a compulsory digital detox, and create memories that matter, hash-tag free! It is these memories of exploring new environments and reverting to basics that will build character and skill sets that will shape their outlook in later life. Escaping the norm for even just a couple of days will not only promote more engaging exchanges with children, but will also give you more time to get to know their individual personalities and notice how they are developing, changing and growing as people.

We hope this blog has reiterated the importance of a family holiday and inspired you to book yourselves one to look forward to in 2018. One of the best ways you can turn dreams into a reality is by booking a treehouse holiday with Quality Unearthed. An exciting adventure for all, and there’s not one person in this world who is too old to appreciate the excitement of a sleepover in the treetops! We look forward to welcoming you in 2018!






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