So many of us are living our day-to-day lives in high intensity environments which has caused more and more people to begin swaying towards the need to find a place of outer and inner calm. Our glamping UK vacations are a perfect chance for this but a superb example of taking things one step further comes from the couple who used their time and initiative to leave their jobs and build their dream home….made from recycled windows over-looking a lake.
Dream Home - MadeFrom Recycled Windows - Perfect Glamping Ideas
Currently we are fortunate enough to be able to construct such architecturally interesting structures which are sustainable and benefit from modern understanding. We do not take the time to celebrate these structures for their uniqueness and also their contribution to our broad community often enough, but the change is coming.

It can be stated that the basic necessities for living include, though not exclusively, food, water, warmth, shelter, companionship and perhaps a few others. While all of the above can be paid for with a relatively small proportion of our monthly wage, apart from accommodation, which take a huge chunk of the pay check year upon year. This is where photographer Nick Olson and fashion designer Lilah Horwitz made the change.

Dream Home - MadeFrom Recycled Windows - Perfect Glamping Ideas

Nick and Lilah left their daily jobs to build and live in a home made from recycled windows. Their exclusive glazed residence is immersed in the picturesque mountains of West Virginia in the U.S. – the very same place where they dreamt about building a love nest for watching sunsets on their very first date.

In order to make the home they had dreamt of owning so that they could watch the sun set over the picturesque setting of the mountains, the innovative couple came up with the idea of building the whole facade from recycled windows. This is the perfect way to allow plenty of natural light in while reducing the need for artificial sources at the same time. 

Dream Home - MadeFrom Recycled Windows - Perfect Glamping Ideas

Their remarkable story continues as they set out on a road trip, stopping at as many garage sales and  antique dealers as they could, collecting as many windows as possible and loving every minute of their adventure. 

Several weeks after they had obtained everything they needed they collected it all up and made their way to the location of what was to be their new home and built their unique woodland dwelling. The remainder of the house was made using recycled wood, the furniture is vintage and they put a delightful old stove in the house for burning wood during the winter. Their exceptional love nest is now complete and it offers a warm, inviting glow during the dark. 

Dream Home - MadeFrom Recycled Windows - Perfect Glamping IdeasIf you are looking for a vacation that offers you what Nick and Lilah are lucky enough to experience every day then take a look at some of the inspiring choices of accommodation we offer in a range of different locations in the UK. 

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