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things to do in pembrokeshire at night

When on holiday in Pembrokeshire, you’ve likely got a good idea of the kind of activities and attractions are suitable for the daytime, but are left stuck for what to do in the evening. Fear not, as we’ve got some excellent choices that are perfect for your romantic getaways or family holidays while you are glamping in Pembrokeshire!

stargazing while on a glamping holiday in Pembrokeshire

Go stargazing

Here in Pembrokeshire, we are incredibly lucky to have some of the areas in the country to gaze at the stars. When the sun goes down, Pembrokeshire comes into its own in a completely different light. There is a whole network of Dark Sky Discovery Sites all over the region for you to pick from, and on a clear night, you will be left in awe at the sights before you. Whether you are on a romantic trip away or on a family holiday, everyone will love. The best thing is it’s free! It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned star gazer or a first timer, with the use of a handy guide book or even a phone app, you’ll be spotting the beautiful constellations in no time! If you are lucky, there might even be a Dark Sky event for you to attend!

Take a trip to the theatre

A dance performance at the theatre

There are several theatres in Pembrokeshire that offer a range of live theatrical performances, musicians and silver screen films. What better way to kick back and relax than to the sound of the theatre? The performances available will, of course, depend on the dates you are visiting Pembrokeshire, but be sure to take a look at what’s on just before you visit as you might find something that grabs your interest! A few of the theatres to keep an eye on include Torch Theatre, Theatr Gwaun, Theatr Mwldan and The Palace Cinema.

Watch a live band

The local pubs and theatres in the area often offer a wonderful opportunity to see a live band. Most often, these events will be free to attend, so you won’t even have to commit beforehand, and you can make a spontaneous trip! Whether you end up seeing a lively local band, or book tickets to an acoustic extravaganza, these are sure to be an experience you won’t forget. Feel the adrenaline run through you as you sink into the sounds of the music on your holidays.

Try your hand at bowling

Although many think of bowling as a children’s game, it can provide hours of entertainment for all ages! From a bit of friendly competition to some serious bowling skills, this evening entertainment will provide laughter all round! Phoenix Bowl is the most popular choice for the 10-pin experience with a sophisticated feel, separate games room, and restaurant/bar; this is a full package experience. Get the kids involved and test their skills or challenge your partner to a bit of friendly competition.

Eat at a local restaurant

Pembrokeshire boasts a plethora of restaurants, from fine seafood establishments and independent local restaurants offering the best of the local produce to American burger bars or international cuisine. Pick out your favourite delicacies and spend the evening enjoying the warm atmosphere that’s on offer while filling up on your favourite foods. Spend some quality time with your loved one over a meal for two and relax into the true holiday experience.

Watch the sunset

Sun setting over the sea

The sunsets in Pembrokeshire are astounding, particularly during the spring and summer months when the sun does not sink into the sea until late in the evening. Pick out a coastal spot where you can gaze down on the sea’s reflection, bring a blanket or two and a thermos of hot chocolate or tea and you’ve got a perfect evening on your hands! As the sky fades from a shade of bright blue through a rainbow of reds and pinks you’ll be provided with the perfect photography opportunity to remember your trip by; watching the sunset is an absolute must-do while on holiday in Pembrokeshire!

Practice yoga

Yoga on the beach

To help yourself to sink into the ultimate relaxation, why not try a spot of yoga? Head along to a local class and get a taste of what life is really like in Pembrokeshire, meeting the friendly locals and enjoying the serene atmosphere. Or you could simply do a routine yourself situated in nature outside of your glamping abode. Practicing yoga to as the sun sets will fill you with a sense of serenity and help you to reap the full benefits of the glamping experience, leaving you feeling revitalised and ready to take on any challenge!

Take a night walk

Walks in the daytime with the sun shining are certainly a joy, however, a wonder at night can be just as pleasurable! During the dark hours of the day, the feeling of calm in the Pembrokeshire area is incredible. Take a stroll along the coastal paths and see the sights from a new perspective; you might want to bring along a torch just in case! If you don’t want to venture too far from your glamping home, then the local area will provide the perfect setting for a short evening walk!

Enjoy a relaxing evening in

Not every night of your holiday needs to be action-packed, you should take a night to kick back and relax. Read a book in your holiday home, sit and chat over a cup of tea and simply enjoy one another’s company for at least one evening of your holiday! This is often best left to the last night so that you feel fresh and ready to head back home, refreshed from your holidays.

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