Not a million miles from where you can experience staying in true luxury camping style with our Pembrokeshire glamping abodes, far into the unmistakable hills lies a group of people having a particular characteristic in common, they share an ideal. An ideal to live a more stripped back life, which includes living devoid of electricity. This is a community that drew interest from Ben Fogle in with intrigue and wonder, so he embarked on a journey to experience just how it was to reside there.

A forest of trees, highlighting nature at its finest near our Pembrokeshire glamping abodes in Wales.


This amazing community live in one of the most spectacular locations on the planet, and they survive without a plumbed water source, no electricity, and you won’t find and gas or forms of technology here either. If you have watched Ben on his previous adventures, you’ll know he’s no stranger to camping-style amenities so working with the wood-burning stoves here was no problem, just like how it is for the people who live here too.


Food comes via what can be seen as an ‘alternative’ method; they forage for everything. So instead of living off the land like a farmer that grows produce to be eaten, they live in tune with the land. This works well for the predominantly vegetarian population here, and they combine efforts to work as one when they head off to forage for their sustenance.


So I bet you’re wondering what kind of homes these simplistic people live in? They proudly call their collective of small circular houses constructed using straw bales which are then plastered using a blend of horse manure and mud. Using turf roofs and blankets for doors, this is what they call home.


If you were tempted to bring modern tech into the community, you’d be politely told that there is no place for it here; this is a place where there is no need or desire for mobile phones or computers. In the words of Mr Fogle himself these people have come to ‘reduce the radio and microwaves from which many in this community have come to escape.’


Among the list of many question people have, they often wonder how old the population are here. Quite fittingly there is a mix of young and old here. Those who chose to live in the western world under simpler way of functioning enjoy their days teaching the younger residents the ways.


As we mentioned, with the lack of running water, what most people would consider the ‘basic’ tasks require a little more time in your day. They’ll head out for the 10-minute stroll to a nearby stream that runs through the forest so they can have a wash while enjoying a dip.


These happy residents do not encroach on others and force their ideals on anyone who chooses to live in the modern world, they are happy to go about their business, and are left to their devices. Not strictly hippies as such, just a group of people who’ve thought to peel back the layers of what was important and found what they were looking for.

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